Grants for Animal Shelters

Grants for Animal Shelters – How do you feel when you see thin dog or cat walking on the street while sniffing around seeking for food? Do you feel sorry? Most of us would feel sorry when we really see that thing, but did you know? Many dogs and cats are in the situation as if written on the beginning of the paragraph. Perhaps, one of them is now sniffing around your yard hoping for leftovers. However, sorry is not enough. We must do something for the neglected animals. One thing we can do to help them is providing shelter. This can be very good thing for them since shelter can protect them, at least against the weather.

Compared to the abandoned animals on the street, the ones in shelters get better care. They get food and clean water every day, healthcare, and better place to live in too.  In the meantime, abandoned animals on the street would never have a chance to enjoy facilities provided at the shelter. They need to live day by day, and that is why grants for animal shelters are for. The grants are awarded to help the abandoned animals to get a better life that every animal deserves. Second Chance Fund is the perfect example of animal welfare fundraising program that can bring solution to abandoned animals issue.


Federal Government Grants for Animal Shelters

Just similar as to other financial solution from other sources, grants for animal shelters awarded by Second Chance Fund also requires the applicant to fulfill all the requirements. For your information, the grants for animal shelters offered by Second Chance Fund are only available for sheltering agencies, both private and public, and also some animal rescue groups considered by the program. As the name implies, Second Chance gives opportunities to animals to get second chance of life.

Obtaining Grants for Animal Shelters Offered by Second Chance Fund:

  • Grants are only for sheltering agencies
  • Not available for Individual, businesses, and corporation
  • The money awarded can be used for medication needed for animals that become the victim of abuse. In essence, the money awarded may be used to cover healthcare expenses spent so that the animal can live healthily
  • Animals involved are safe for adoption
  • The limit of fund awarded is up to $2,000 per fiscal year per one animal sheltering agency
  • Submit the application no later than 6 months after the intake of the animal
  • The application must be completed properly

The documents that must be enclosed for the application are:

  • Copy of 501(c)(3) determination letter
  • Completed application
  • All itemized veterinary receipts* (must be issued by veterinarian’s office)
  • Signed general release (Revised version includes the photo and media release).
  • Before and/or after digital photographs of animals**

Once you have all the documents needed, you can submit them and apply for the grants online at Grants for animal shelters give the animal a second chance to live properly. When you see abandoned animals through their eyes, you could tell that they see hopes in you.