How To Get Grants For Social Justice

Grants For Social Justice are provided by the federal government or private sector to help increase opportunities, especially for community populations that are economically, socially, and politically unprivileged. The grants are awarded for many purposes such as economic development, art, health care, and so on. Now we will provide you information about one of the Social Justice Grant Funds provided by private sector donors: the Sisters of St. Francis. The grant from the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia Foundation was established in 1981 to deal with social injustice as well as promote empowerment and self-help. The main purpose of the grant from the Sisters of St. Francis is to share the resources they own to help the oppressed, the poor, and the marginalized in our society.

For the person interested in applying for this grant, there are several criteria to fulfill to qualify for the funding. The main requirement for the proposed program is to be directly supported and involve the people who benefit from it. Other requirements that it has to achieve at least one or more following targets:

  • Promote empowerment of communities and self-help
  • Deal with the injustice basic cause and encourage systemic change
  • Provide the needs of those who are marginalized, oppressed, and poor in the community, especially children and women.

If you wish to apply for the grant program, first you have you complete a screening form. To get the one-page screening form you have to send an e-mail to request it along with your name, name of organization, and mail address to The purpose of the screening is to process your application process, determine your grant eligibility, as well as application preliminary selection.

Here is some information you have to know about this grant program:

  • No grant awarded for operational expenses or salaries, except for applicants from outside the States
  • Proof of tax-exempt status has to be included in the grant application.
  • $5,000 is the maximum amount of grant awarded for a single project/program.
  • Each organization is only permitted to send one application each year
  • Applicant from outside the United States has to include a letter from major superior or the ordinary of the diocese.
  • If there was previous attempt to look for other funding sources it has to be documented in the application.
  • The grants are awarded twice a year.
  • For the Spring cycle grant application it has to be postmarked no later than November 15; and for the fall cycle at least May 15. Incomplete and late application will not be reviewed and returned.
  • The grant application must include the scope and the objective of the program.

For more detailed information about this Grants for Social Justice you can contact the foundation’s representatives Albertus Dougherty, OSF, Secretary, Corporate Social Responsibility office at The Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, 609 S. Convent Rd. Aston, PA 19014 or through phone call at 610-558-7705.