How to get Government Grants for Convicted Felons

Government Grants for Convicted Felons – Felons have paid their wrong way to society, they completed the sentences and now as the society, we have to give them the second chance. That is the basic reason why government grants for felons are available.

If you think that, it is unbelievable to give them the second chance, you should know about the legislation to support the financial help for convicted felons or ex-convict as below:

  • Faith-based Initiative in (2001): The legislation supports the non-profit organization, faith-based organizations, and private individuals to access federal money. Some of those organizations use government money to help ex-convicts in the name of human rights.
  • The prisoner re-entry initiative (2004): The government provides $300 million minimum for a four-year period. The goal is to support ex-convicts to re-enter the community and rebuilt their urban communities. The government provides money for social-related funding. For instance, it can be job mentoring, counseling, placement, and other social services.
  • The second chance (2008): The civil rights group, law enforcement, prison advocacy groups, and religious organization have the collaborative effort to provide more than 326 million dollars to support the ex-convict so they can re-enter their community. They use the fund for funding the grant programs for felons such as substance abuse, housing aid, medical assistance, and job.

With those acts, we can say that grants for ex-convicts are available because the government has provided a high amount of money. In addition, there is some government assistance for convicted felons to support their lifestyle. First was in 2010, there were 24,000 programs in the state. Next, there were 20,000 scholarships and 1000 federal programs available. Many ex-felons also joined 30,000 private foundations.

Besides, the purpose of the grant provision is to help the ex-convicts to re-enter the community easily because they still have their right after completing their sentences at the jail. Last but not least, the government grants for felons was also available from the non-profit or faith-based organizations.

Government Grants for Convicted Felons

How To Get Government Grants For Convicted Felons

In case you need more information about grants for ex-convicts, you can follow our tips below:

1.     Look Up On The Internet

At this time, we cannot live without opening the internet. The Internet provides us with the latest information about everything in the worldwide. Therefore, we need it to find valid information about the issue. There are some trusted websites to get information about government grants for convicted felons. For example, you can visit The department of justice/ re-entry program. Alternatively, you can try the national resource center.

These sites are the official government website that provides valid information and resource, which can be your guideline to getting government grants.

In addition, you can try to visit The site has a big concern about helping convicted felons to re-enter their community.

2.     Use Books

Asides from the internet option, you can use some books. There are some good books to read to find government grants for convicted felons. Here, we have some examples:

Government Grants for Felons

Government Grants For Convicted Felons In Business Matter

For felons, they are dealing with limited financial resources. It is not easy to get the money you need for a new life to start. Here, we provide you with some helpful resources to start over.

1.     Before Your Release

It is good to take advantage of any possible resources inside the prison system before your release. In fact, there are many correctional facilities available. The programs support inmates to gain job skills. It can be a useful option for starting your small business. In a prison, it is possible for you to learn about using Microsoft Office or take the culinary arts course.

2.     Use Your Community

If you are looking for government grants for convicted felons, there are some programs specially designed for felons to start their business, even though the availability is still small and in a local area. However, there are some useful resources on government assistance for convicted felons: The government website or office in your state, your county, or your city. Other than that, you can use local churches and other religious organizations. Some state and local agencies or organizations can help you as well.
Those are great places to find business grants for felons.

3.     Inmates to Entrepreneurs

Next, you can use this nonprofit community. The founder is Sageworks. The goal is to help the former inmates to get the latest information to start over, start their business, and become productive.

What they provide is online videos and information. It is good if you are near their local chapter so you can attend their educational seminars.

4.     Federal Education Loans and Business Grants

Do you want to learn about accounting, graphic design, and other skills? It can be your option as well. The government grants for felons are available for you if you need to go back to school for training, get a certificate, or even a degree.

Federal Pell Grant is a federal student loan. Their goal is to finance people to go back to school. In other words, you are still eligible even if you are a felon. It is because their main criterion is financial need.


Visit the site if you need to search for government grants for convicted felons. Keep in mind that you will not find the specific business grants for felons. But, what you need is to find the grants for your type to develop your business idea, your nationality, and other characteristics. Use this option by using the loan from the nonprofit organizations.

6.     SBA Microloans

If you are not eligible to get government grants for convicted felons, SBA Microloans can be the alternative. Generally, it is quite difficult to get an SBA loan to start your business. Therefore, it sounds good to try the SBA’s Microloan program that offers loans less than $50,000. Besides, the average loan is $13,000.

They are not the lenders, but they are working with approved lenders to support your needs.

7.     Freelancer

How about having a low-investment business from your home? For a felon, it can be a brilliant move. You do not have to be panic with the credit checks and the signing leases. For sure, if you have skills, starting a business like freelance writing, graphic design, website design, or marketing communications are great choices to start a new life.

You can use some most popular marketplaces such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru. These are the ideal choices for independent contractors or freelancers. The website works as the intermediaries and they handle the payments. Therefore, you can feel confident in dealing with customers across your country and even worldwide.

8.     GoFundMe

Use this option as the personal financing site that can help individuals to raise more than $3 billion. What you should do is to create a campaign and then share it on social media. Donors will give the money confidently. You can use GoFundMe to finance some important things such as education, charitable donation, medical expenses, and others.

By using the options above, it is a good solution if you need more than just the government grants for convicted felons. Business grants above are not easy, but you have many resources to go with.

How To Get Government Grant For Convicted Felons Financial Issue

Government grants for convicted felons are also available to complete your education and fix your life. To continue your education, you can get some financial grants and assistance. Grants and loans are available. However, your sentence should not relate to a drug-offense.

Here are the directions to get financial aid for your education:

  1. Get FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This application is available from your school or your college registration office. Or, you can download it online.
  2. Complete the FAFSA form and submit it to the FAFSA website before the deadline. You must show your financial condition and your financial position so you are eligible to get financial aid.
  3. Before submitting your form, make sure that you are filling the form with correct information and everything is completed.
  4. Present the form on the FAFSA website. Alternatively, present it based on the address given to you.
  5. Wait while your form is under examination. FAFSA will mail you and inform your school or college about your financial assistance status.

There are some important things to know before applying for financial aid:

  1. It is possible to get financial assistance if you are stated guilty of drug crime and you are not on probation or parole. However, you must provide valid information that you have been tested for drugs for a year and you have no incident. Therefore, it is important to talk with your financial adviser at school or college to get more information about the government grants for felons, especially for your education.
  2. To save your time, it is better to submit the FAFSA online. By filling the form online, it allows you to examine the status of the form.
  3. After receiving the notification of the financial aid, make a call to your school or college immediately. You should confirm that your school has received the same information.

Make a note of the FAFSA deadline and do not forget about it. Otherwise, when you miss the deadline, you can delay your education and it can damage your goal.

Educational Government Grants For Convicted Felons

PELL Grants

In fact, you can join PELL Grants. This is available to help people or students who are living with low-income problems. It is one of the government grants for felons to students in postsecondary school. To be eligible, you must meet the financial requirements. Besides, Pell Grants can be your best choice because you do not have to repay the money you received. If you want to go for PELL Grants, here is the instruction manual:

  1. Log in to the FAFSA website and then fill the FAFSA form online. This is important o apply for Pell Grants if you are a felon. The form needs your properties, income, and other information, including the question of whether you are convicted of selling or possessing drugs illegally.
  2. If you are convicted of drug possession, it means that you must take a drug rehabilitation course. After you complete it, you can acquire the PELL Grants.
  3. After submitting the form, make a note of SAR, Student Aid Report. It will summarize the information in the form.

Department of Labor Programs

Next, you can try the Department of Labor Programs. It is a good choice if you need scholarships for felons. The federal government offers the grant that you can get without repaying it. It can support your college education cost with the criminal past.

The Employment and Training Administration runs under the Department of Labor Programs. It provides the chance for any individuals to apply for grants as well as federal aid. It is okay if you are a felon. They provide government assistance for convicted felons in many different programs as well as scholarships. Other than that are the federal grants with no chance for an individual with a criminal past.


In the end, you can use so many ways if you are going to change your life even though you are a felon. You can fix your life by growing your business or continuing your education to a higher level. The government grants for convicted felons can be limited. However, you have other options to stand independently, such as by changing your life as a freelancer. Other professions are possible to do at home to make money.