Who Accepts Furniture Donations?

Are you moving out to a new place or downsizing and looking for a refresh? It’s time you say a final goodbye to your old furniture, but throwing it in your garbage is not a good idea! So, here is what we have figured out on your behalf to donate your furniture.

Fortunately, you will find many charities and non-profits who will happily take your furniture if in usable condition. So, yes, it’s a good practice to sell functional stuff to the needy. But, one thing is there, as a seller, you may earn less profit for reselling furniture. Thus, donating to a charity helps you skip the in-between hassle, and you get a chance to serve the community.

Plus, you will find that most of the national charities and local charities pick up donations from your home for FREE. But yet, the area where you may struggle is to find who accepts furniture donations. In this blog, we help you decide that.


Who accepts furniture donations: Here are the places to donate furniture!

The best part about donating furniture is that it’s completely hassle-free. But, wait, charities won’t accept anything and everything. The condition is that the furniture should be in good condition. Some light wear and tear are acceptable. Indeed, you cannot donate furniture which is not in good condition.

Additionally, see that the furniture should be free from nails and other springs poking out or with screws. It can injure someone, so, shouldn’t be there. Finally, remember that you will donate furniture to people who will consider them their first belongings.

Here is a list of charities that accept furniture donations.

All charities which accept furniture as donations

Furniture Banks

Furniture Banks in Canada and the US are independently operating partners of Future Bank Association North America. Plus, each of its independent groups accepts donations of usable furniture and actively distributes it to people in need. The FBA does not accept furniture donations directly. There is a process. As they are independent, they set guidelines for acceptable donations. As a donor, you can contact your local Area Furniture Bank to see if the furniture items can be accepted.

Goodwill Donation Centers

Goodwill Donation Centers will only accept gently used items or new furniture items. Then all the donated furniture is sold at Goodwill Store Location. Then, the profit made are handed back to the community. The profit gets in utilization to generate employment services, career services, and job training. Yes, Goodwill guarantees around 82% of all revenues. Plus, it funds training programs and employment.

My Brother’s Keeper

It’s a Christian organization based in Massachusetts. Here, the volunteers will pick up furniture nations that are of high quality. Indeed, the furniture to donate here also includes mattresses. The organizations then contribute to the needy members of society. Unfortunately, at this time, My Brother’s Keepers are not accepting any drop-offs.

Plus, they also remove furniture from offices, residences, and other businesses. The organization requests that the furniture to be donated should be in serviceable and good condition. With the company’s mission to serve people, it sets an example for other organizations to help the needy.

Salvation Army

Yes, the Salvation Army operates numerous stores which accept donations of household goods, including furniture. You will find that they provide a free pick of high-quality furniture items. And, anytime, you can drop off your table at a local drop-off center or even schedule your pickup online. These donations also help fund The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers.

St. Vincent de Paul

It has thrift stores all across the United States, and that’s a good part! These are the shops where you can donate gently used furniture items. The items must be in usable condition. You can make donations directly to the thrift stores. But, if you cannot go to the store, the furniture can be picked up at no cost to the donor. So, yes, you can schedule a pickup or even use their online scheduling service.

Other furniture donation venue

Yes, the yellow pages can guide you! You will be able to identify many charities in your area which accept furniture. In addition to that, religious organizations or local churches are an excellent options to donate furniture. Here are the tips for you to donate furniture in your area.

  • Help the homeless people. You can donate your furniture to local homeless shelters or even children’s and women’s shelters.
  • Donating furniture to Senior citizen shelters is also a good option.


Help the needy who are homeless with a bit of deed from your side. Donating furniture that can be used is the perfect idea to go ahead with a positive impact on society!

Start donating now!