What to Donate to Homeless Shelters in Your Local Community

The holiday season is approaching and you want to share with those in need. If you want to share, there is an option to help people at homeless shelters near you. There are many of the less fortunate who are homeless and in homeless shelters, organizers provide certain items other than shelter–often in limited supplies.

Often homeless shelters have limited funds and some needs are still lacking. Then, what to donate to homeless shelters? We strive to provide guidelines for the types of items that shelters are interested in.


5 Things To Donate To Homeless Shelters

Taking a look at this list will help you to meet the needs of the homeless. Here’s a list of items you can donate to a homeless shelter.

Donating Clothing for Homeless Shelters

Various types of clothing are usually donated to homeless shelters, but there are also clothing needs that are rarely donated even though the following are basic needs. Then, what to donate to homeless shelters to suit their clothing needs? 

1. Socks

Socks can wear out quickly and supplies in shelters also run out quickly because these items are among the most sought after by men, women, or children. So if you want to donate clothes, new socks can be an option to fill the shortage of supplies at homeless shelters.

Can you imagine if you wear the same socks all day? Of course, there is a feeling of wanting to take them off as soon as possible. So having a fresh change of socks will help a lot.

2. Underwear

We rarely think about donating underwear to homeless shelters, even though this is one of the top items on the list of needs for the homeless. The sheer volume of new underwear donations to homeless shelters causes demand to exceed supplies at homeless shelters.

Donating Bedding Items

One of the reasons people are in homeless shelters is to get a bed. They need a warm and comfortable place. What to donate to homeless shelters if you want them to feel more comfortable during their sleep? Here are some bedding items you can donate to a homeless shelter.

1. Mattress

In homeless shelters, the demand for mattresses is high. Contact them to ask if your mattress donation matches their request.

2. Pillows

Often taken for granted, pillows are simple items that are consistently needed. For individuals and families living in shelters, pillows are needed to provide them with comfort.

3. Blankets and Sheets

In winter, many of the homeless come to the shelter to get blankets and sheets. Homeless shelters usually donate blankets for those seeking warmth. They also received new bedding to improve the health of the people living there.

Donating Seasonal clothing

For those who are affluent, wearing clothes according to the season is a natural thing. However, the case is different from those who live in shelters. They need special clothes to help them survive the seasons. What to donate to homeless shelters to help them survive the winter? Here is a list of seasonal clothes you can donate.

1. Coats

Coats are very useful for homeless people in shelters. You can donate your coat and you can also collect some coats from your family members. It will be very useful if you and your family donate them to help the homeless to survive winter.

2. Winter accessories

When winter comes, gloves, scarves, and hats are important. If you want to donate winter clothes, consider donating other warm clothing items too.

Donating Cleaning products and toiletries

Maintaining basic hygiene is very important for anyone, especially for the homeless in shelters. The cleanliness of the residents will greatly affect the health of all people who live there. To maintain health and prevent several health problems, hygiene products are indispensable.

In addition to maintaining cleanliness, hygienic products can also increase their confidence if they have an unstable income. So, here is a list of hygiene products and toiletries that you can donate.

1. Dental hygiene kits

To prevent tooth decay and oral disease, good oral hygiene is very important. Besides, to donate dental hygiene kits, make sure you give away unused or unopened dental hygiene products. In addition to toothpaste and toothbrush, you can also donate dental floss and mouthwash. Choose dental care products in travel sizes so the homeless don’t have to share products in large sizes.

2. Toiletries

What to donate to homeless shelters to help them get access to toiletries? A large number of needs for toiletries makes shelters quickly run out of toiletries. Bathing regularly also actually affects a person’s mental health condition in addition to improving mood and self-esteem. For people or families who are struggling financially, this need feels so important. Donate shampoo or conditioner, face and body wash or body wash to give them support.

3. Cleaning needs

Other things on the list of items for personal hygiene that you can donate are toilet paper, deodorant, comb, nail clippers, and hand sanitizer.

Donating menstrual hygiene

Access to menstrual health is also very important for homeless women. Frequently, if they do not have menstrual hygiene items, they use tissues or newspapers. Limited supply makes this need indispensable.

If you want to donate menstrual health products, you can donate disposable pads or tampons. While you can donate menstrual cups, some people have limited access to private sinks, so it’s a good idea to donate tampons or disposable pads.

Donated pads or tampons can be packaged for individuals in a ziplock bag before being sent to the shelter. This packaging will keep the items dry and can be reused to store other menstrual health items.

Donating baby needs for homeless

Among the homeless, some have babies or children. It’s really unfortunate because some babies become homeless. Besides, anyone who has had a baby knows that diapers are not cheap necessities. Well, there are only a few diapers for babies in homeless shelters.

If you want to donate baby supplies for them, you can consider donating diapers, wet wipes, formula, or baby and children’s clothing. Baby wipes will also be very helpful if one doesn’t have access to a shower. You can donate pocket-sized baby wipes to make it easier for them to carry everywhere.

Other things to donate to the homeless

Not only body hygiene products, cleaning products for washing are also in great demand in homeless shelters. Since the shelter usually rotates the bed, the need for laundry soap will be urgently needed.

Support the bathing facilities at the shelter by purchasing new towels for the homeless. This donation will be greatly appreciated by them for their bathing needs.

Sometimes, first aid is needed to deal with uncontrollable circumstances. Shelters also need donations in the form of plasters or ice packs. By donating medical supplies, you can help the homeless get well.

Those are the 5 basic items that homeless people in shelters need. If you’re still thinking about what to donate to homeless shelters but you can’t make an in-kind donation, you can donate your time. At the shelter, you can provide the necessary personnel assistance to maintain and help the place run smoothly. 

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