Who Accepts Furniture Donations and How to Donate In 2022

Who accepts furniture donations? The right time to tidy up and say goodbye to the things in your home is when you are about to move house. Or if you want to remove some furniture from your home for a refresh, that’s also a good thing. If you have some furniture that you want to get rid of in the house, donating it is a good idea. Not only can you get more space, but you can also share it with other people who may be the soul mate of your old furniture.

Donating is a great way to get rid of things you don’t need when you move. Even if you want to donate your furniture, you don’t have to leave your house to take it out. So, it’s time for you to do an inventory of the items you have. Get rid of things that don’t spark joy, just like what Marie Kondo said. Instead of carrying or keeping items that don’t spark your joy, donate them.


The List of Who Accepts Furniture Donations

Who accepts furniture donations and wants to take it for free? Of course, there are several choices of charities that accept furniture donations. Here’s the list.

Salvation Army

One of those organizations that accept furniture donations is The Salvation Army. They will accept your donation of furniture, clothes, appliances, kitchenware, cars, and more. Check what items are acceptable or unacceptable for furniture pick-up, contact them and ask before scheduling a donation pick-up.

The Salvation Army helps by providing relief for disasters, hunger, poverty, addiction, human trafficking, and more. They provide donation pick-up and drop-off locations.

Online services for scheduling free pick-ups are not available for all zip codes. But their website provides phone numbers to arrange collection. There is also an online form to schedule a pick-up for a future date.

The Salvation Army sells your items in the shop. Then they donate the fund to the Rehabilitation Center to help those struggling with drugs and alcohol, they also help improve job skills, and help their families. The Salvation Army helps about 25 million people every year.


Another recipient of furniture donations that you can choose as a reference is Goodwill. They accept donations of furniture, glassware, collectibles, and also electronic equipment. Plus, they accept cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, RVs, lawnmowers, and more. Another great thing about donating to Goodwill is that the items you donate like cars or other machines don’t have to be in good condition. This is a good time to arrange a free pick-up of the junk car you don’t want to bring with you when you move. When you ask who accepts furniture donations around my neighborhood, Goodwill could be the answer.

Goodwill sells your donated furniture in Goodwill stores and on online auction sites to raise funds for job training and job placement services for people in various communities. 


AMVETS, or Veterans of America, supports veterans and their families by providing assistance, employment, and other service programs. They accept donations of clothing (for men, women, and children), electronics, small appliances, kitchen utensils, lamps, curtains and drapes, books, bicycles, bedding, and more. They also accept flat-screen TVs, computers and sports equipment if the items are less than 5 years old. AMVETS will sell your items at thrift stores to generate income for its Veterans Program.

You can visit their website to fill out a donation pick-up form to see where to donate in your area. They offer a pickup service. If you want to donate pack everything in a box, mark the box for AMVETS, and leave it outside your door at 7:30 am on the day of collection. For larger items such as sofas, contact your local AMVETS to see how they handle this service.

Habitat for Humanity

Moving to a new house is a joy and this could be your dream. If you want to share the joy of moving from your house and want others to feel it with your donation, Habitat for Humanity can be the answer.

They sell donated furniture from donors to build houses and also repair houses. This organization helps build safe and affordable housing for families in need. Not only in 50 states in the United States, Habitat for Humanity is also operating in 70 countries.

If you have furniture, equipment, or building materials, you can contact Habitat for Humanity to donate. They also offer large furniture pick-up. Free furniture pick-up is also available once a week.


Arc is a charity that helps those with intellectual or developmental disabilities. There are more than 600 local branches and more than 1,000 national and community programs.

You can visit The Arc’s website to see if they can take your furniture donation. By checking the web beforehand, you can get quick answers about who accepts furniture donations and where I can donate them near my house.

The Arc has the main initiative of collecting free donations. From your donations, Arc sells your donated items at thrift stores to support the program. They accept donations of furniture, clothes, shoes, toys, books, kitchen utensils, electronics, decorations, cars, and more.

Pickup Please

Pick Up Please is a program from Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) to handle furniture donations. VVA sells items you donate to fund their local, state, and national programs. You can donate household items, clothing, toys, electronics, and smaller furniture, such as used nightstands and office chairs.

They use schedule via an easy-to-use online calendar, and your furniture donation can often be picked up within 24 hours. Very fast, right? You don’t even have to be home when the truck that picks up your donation arrives. Just pack the items you want to donate then label it “VVA Donation Collection” and put it at your door. The truck driver will load the box and leave a tax deduction receipt. Pick Up Please is very suitable if you are looking for someone who accepts furniture donations in a fast time. Visit the website to see where to donate.

Who Accepts Furntiure for Donation – Furniture Banks

Accepting donations of furniture, cars, and other vehicles, Furniture Banks is the answer if you are looking for someone who accepts furniture donations. Furniture Banks also offers free pick up. You can visit their website to find a location and contact them to schedule a pickup.

Everyone deserves to have basic furniture in good condition, that’s the mission of Furniture Banks. Your furniture donation to Furniture Banks helps immigrant women and children, the unemployed, the poor, and the homeless. Those who initially set up their homes with furniture that others might take for granted can now get better furniture donations. When you donate furniture they give your items directly to families in need. 


Who accepts furniture donations and provides a free cleaning service when you are moving house? GreenDrop is the answer. The service, which is available in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia. GreenDrop raises funds through the collection of donations. After collecting your items, they sell your donation to a thrift store. The funds are used to support charities.

In addition to free donation pick-up, GreenDrop offers home clean-out. They give a free service that helps you sort and donate bulk clothing and household items. This sorting is ideal for organizations before moving.

GreenDrop’s professional staff will identify which items can be donated. They also help you prepare a driver who will pack your donation. 

GreenDrop accepts items ranging from clothing, household goods, electronics, appliances, to toys. Because they provide free pick-up of used furniture, for efficiency and to save time, they make a detailed list of items that they will not specifically accept. You can visit the GreenDrop webpage for more information.

Who Accepts Furniture Donations Guideline

After you determine where you will donate your furniture, you can follow the following steps for efficient work. First, find a local organization that does furniture pick-up. Call them and check if they offer free pick-up. Also, inquire about the applicable COVID-19 safety procedures. Just in case, clean and disinfect any items you will be donating.

Then, prepare your things. Each organization has its list of what items they receive and under what conditions. Check out the donation guidelines available on their website. You can also check for items that are torn, dirty, stained, or damaged–because not all organizations will accept items that are not in good condition.

Once you’re done setting up, arrange an appointment. Choose the time and day that suits you and your organization’s needs. You can schedule an appointment at least two weeks before the day you move. Because the earlier you schedule the better.