How To Get Donations For A Fundraiser And Tips To Tailor Your Message

How to get donations for a fundraiser – Money is what makes the world go round. It seems the words were not wrong. Funding also cannot be separated, even for non-profit organizations. In every program, the organization certainly needs donations–the most important of course in the form of money.

However, we cannot deny that getting donations for a fundraiser is not easy. So, how do get donations for a fundraiser? We’ve rounded up tips on getting donations for your fundraiser.


How to Get Donations for A Fundraiser from Potential Companies

One way on how to get large donations for a fundraiser is to approach potential companies. Have a list of companies that frequently donate to fundraisers. This will make your fundraising life easier. Corporate fundraising can be an effective way to earn extra cash.

Even if members of your organization have practiced door-to-door knocking, selling cakes, dialing all the numbers in the phone book, or any other useful way, corporate fundraising can be an effective way. This is especially if your organization is 501(c)(3) registered.

There are many companies or small businesses that donate to nonprofits. If you’re looking for a way to get donations for a fundraiser, instead of seeking information from your friends or cousins, go straight to the company’s finance department (or donation department). As we said earlier, some companies have targeted donations and they usually tend to donate to registered NGOs.

Here are some of our suggestions for companies that have the potential to make donations to NGOs:

Oriental Trading Company

Oriental Trading Company has grant programs to assist charities that have education, youth, health care, and humanitarian services programs. However, they only assist non-profit organizations tax-free. If you send them a request, the company will respond within four weeks. is Google’s charity program for local, national, and global communities. Google’s charities donated more than $100 million in grants and more than $1 billion in products. Non-profit organizations can apply for funding for entrepreneurial projects in developing countries. They also provide funds for disaster relief. Visit google org for more information.

How to Get Donations for A Fundraiser – Disney

Not only giving dreams, but Disney also assists non-profit organizations. They have a philanthropic program committed to building stronger communities. They provide grants to children and families totaling more than $332 million per year. In addition to donating funds, they also donated books.


The CVS Health Foundation provides grants for education, health care, and local community-related activities. This program is available by invitation, so it’s a good idea to contact them to understand how you can get an invitation.

CVS Health also makes strategic investments to nonprofit partners across the US in programs to improve access to healthcare. More detailed information can be found on the CVS Health webpage to learn more about the corporate social responsibility funding project.

How to Get Donations for A Fundraiser – Starbucks

Starbucks has a corporate grant program that has made donations for the past few years. The Starbucks Foundation has provided millions of USD in aid to non-profit organizations. There are also community service programs, youth empowerment, and university achievements.

To get financial assistance from them, you can try asking a local outlet near where you live if they have a donation budget. You can also ask the store manager or go to the Starbucks Foundation website.

United Airlines

If your fundraiser requires air travel, asking for donations to airlines is a good idea. The United Airlines Grant Program offers donations in the form of airline transportation vouchers and limited cash transfers. You can check the United Airlines website for more information

Setting Up a Great Online Funding Page

The online funding page is the marketing of your online campaign. Design your fundraising page as well and attractive as possible.

Share your fundraising background, stories about the people you helped, and also don’t forget to give the donate button with various donation options as well as various payment options.

Also, be sure to spread the word about this page to let people know about your fundraising activities. Keep your website alive throughout the online fundraising campaign. Online fundraising can be a great way to get donations for a fundraiser if you make the most of it.

Creating Campaigns in Various Media

There are many types of campaigns that you can use in various media. Depending on the personality of your nonprofit, here are ideas for creating a fundraising campaign.

Campaign activities that you can do include peer-to-peer campaigns, video messages, short messages, email newsletters, or virtual events.

How to Get Donations for A Fundraiser – Creating Emotional Messages

Asking for donations can be daunting if it’s your first time doing it. You can overcome the nervousness that comes by following our donation request tips.

Create a sense of urgency so that donors don’t procrastinate donating. Without urgency, your potential donor might consider waiting to donate. In creating an urgency to donate, moving the emotion of the donor is necessary. Inspire by telling an honest story. Your honesty will convince those who want to help.

You know that not everyone speaks the same language. You need to customize your message based on the character of the donor you are asking for help. The best way to receive positive feedback—and donations—is to gain the interest of each potential donor.

And finally, be specific about what you’re asking for. Providing specific information is a powerful way to attract attention. In your request, provide details about the following three things: your current situation, the reason why you are raising funds, and the outcome you want.

So when you want to ask for donations, make sure you follow the tips on how to tailor your message. You need to create a sense of urgency, tell an honest story, customize your language then be specific about what you’re asking for. Then you can use the message to start your campaign that can move people’s hearts. By moving their heart, you can get a higher chance to gain more donations for your cause.

That is all about the information you must know on how to get donations for a fundraiser. By reading this information, we hope that you can start getting more donations to fund your programs for the society in needs.