How to Set Up a PayPal Donation link?

Let’s accept it- Donations to your charity can come from anywhere in the world! And, so PayPal makes it more accessible for the customers to send an amount to your charitable trust. The first thing is to be eligible to receive donations. Whether you are an individual business owner, company, or small scale corporation head, PayPal gives you different options to receive donations from all people worldwide.

In this quick read, we will learn how to set up a PayPal donation link in simple steps. And, also we discuss how you can establish a donations account at the bank. So, let’s begin with the simple steps to start with PayPal.

Simple steps to set up a PayPal donation link:

Step 1:

Open a Premier or valid Business PayPal account. Remember that personal PayPal accounts are not eligible to get donations buttons.

Step 2:

Visit the Official web-page, i.e., Then, click the direct link to sign up for the account at the top of the page.

Step 3:

Now, you have to choose the correct account that matches your needs. You can also use the drop-down menu to select your country, location, region, and language you will be comfortable using the application.

Step 4:

The next step is to select whether you want a premier account or a business PayPal account.

Note: PayPal’s website indicates that the premier account is for individuals, and the business account is for large-scale companies or group names.

Step 5:

You have to complete the requested fields for your account. For example, if applying for a premier account, you have to fill in the blank form with your personal information. The details would include your name, email address, birthday, address, and phone number.

Step 6:

The next thing is to accept the Terms and Conditions.

Step 7:

Apply for the preferred payment process. For instance, if you are selecting a business PayPal account, picking up a “Payment Solution” from the drop-down list is essential.

Step 8:

Complete the process by selecting the desired business type- appropriate to your business. Net, you should provide all requested information such as an address, business name, telephone number, etc.

Step 9:

Click the “Continue” button to process your request.

Step 10:

Wait for its verification. Once PayPal verifies and approves or denies your request within some days, you can be eligible for the next step- to create and install a donation button on your web page. Then, it will start accepting donations.

Ways to create PayPal donation links

There are different ways to create PayPal donation links for your business. We explore each of them here.

How to create a branded a link?

The first way is to create the link effectively. These are called personalized links because they allow you to put your name. One reason it is effective is that these are easy to remember.

How to create a PayPal donate button?

This is the second way to make PayPal donations to your charity. These come in HTML code form, and you have to place the code in the website’s coding. After that, creating an embedded button is super easy. The steps you need to follow are:

  • Log in to PayPal
  • Go to “Merchant Services”
  • Click the button called “Donations.”
  • The next step is to follow the website’s prompts and get workable HTML code.
  • Now, you have the HTML code.
  • Next is to paste the HTML code at a place in your website where you want the display button.
  • If not pasting, you can successfully elect to get the link instead of embedding the HTML code.

How to create a PayPal subscription link

There are different subscription opportunities in the link form and the button form. These allow the donors to be recurring. Indeed, these are also seen as a way to get monthly gifts to your organization.

Things to check out before setting up a PayPal donation link

So, you see, there are different ways to create PayPal donation links. The catch here is understanding the importance and differences between Subscriptions and Recurring Donations. There are various quick ways to create a PayPal donation link, but we suggest choosing one valid and straightforward.

See what is ideal for small shops and a better option for your business. Of course, the ways may not be helpful for types of business. But each of the discussed ways is helpful for different tiers of the organizational foundation.


Follow the above steps to set up a PayPal donation link without any difficulty quickly. Having a resourceful outlook on receiving donations is an excellent idea to start this New Year. Get these simple steps deployed today to accept donations for your charity from all around the world!