Universities That Offers Free Online Courses for Students

Students, mostly college students with poor financial backgrounds, face a lot of hardship in accessing quality education. The limited availability of resources and expensive college fees makes it impossible for them. It affects the growth, literacy rate, economy, and several other factors of the prosperity of an individual and nation too. Providing education is not a luxury. A priority for everyone in the country.

Government and universities come forward to help you deal with this situation. Several top universities of the world are providing free online courses for students to accomplish their dreams. The federal government and non-profit organizations have gone one step ahead. They organized individual grants for laptops for college students to help the needy ones.

One can take advantage of these free online resources. All these grants are available for students having no income sources or belong to poor financial backgrounds. Students can access online courses and open online degrees that typically let student access materials at any time. There’s no need to attain lectures. Students can study at their speed.


Getting Free Online Education from Top Universities

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University offers free online courses on different subjects. Students can learn about computer science, life sciences, physics, chemistry, arts, humanities, mathematics, social science, technology, and languages. Courses offered in these fields are

  • Principle of Computation with Python
  • Engineering Statistics
  • General Chemistry 1
  • Environmental Technology
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Spanish 1

Carnegie Mellon University conducted it under the Open Learning Initiative on the website. The courses are simple and easy and delivered in module format. There’s no teacher and test required. With the free online courses, you can complete knowledge about whatever course you have selected. The free laptop received from the federal government grants can cost-effectively accomplish your dream. Know more from the website about the program.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology avail educational aid for low-income students. The university offers 2400 free online courses at undergraduate and graduate levels. All on some conceivable subjects

  • Introductory Biology
  • Public Transportation System
  • Statistical Method in Economics
  • Music and Technology
  • Fundamentals of Probability

The courses offered by MIT (https://shorturl.at/yAKM7) come under an OpenCourseWare platform. It is a non-credit course, delivered through lecture notes, assignments, and exams. One can complete the course by staying at home. Having a laptop or desktop is almost a necessity. Feel free to get it from SMARTRIVERSIDE, everyoneon, CTAC, or any other free resources. Follow their website to know more about eligibility criteria and others.

University of California – Berkley

The University of California in Berkley offers a plethora of online courses for enthusiastic students. The course includes knowledge of some of the essential disciplines of commerce, financial accounting, and economics. One can have free online classes

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Academic and Business Writing
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Foundations of Data Science
  • Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation

The University of California runs the program on the edX platform. Classes are offered in the form of a webcast or podcast format. There is no examination and assignment submission for completing the course. Upon completion of the course, the students can get an instructor-signed certificate by paying $200-$250 to the University. It is optional.

You can complete the course by connecting your laptop or desktop with the university platform. Everything is simple, smooth, timely, and cost-savvy.

University of California – Irvine

The University of California in Irvine location comes with free online courses and study materials on important subjects. They are biology, engineering, humanities, and social sciences. All these courses are delivered through video lectures, readings, assignments, and exams. You can access all UCI open course (http://open.uci.edu/courses) like :

  • Organisms to Ecosystem
  • Introduction to Thermodynamics
  • Religion and Law in Ancient Greece
  • International Sociology
  • Introduction to Foreign Language

UC Irvine uses its free online portal to deliver online tutorials and video lectures. The students have to submit the assignments and appear for the online examination at the end. You can use your laptop for that purpose. Search for free federal government resources if you haven’t purchased it. They may find some way out of this situation.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan makes an excellent way of learning new programming languages, astrophysics, human anatomy, and sociology. It has a free online platform to deliver educational courses on various subjects.

  • Community Engagement: Collaborating for change
  • Python Data Structure
  • Introduction to Continuum Physics
  • Anatomy: Human Neuroanatomy
  • Social Work: Research

The University of Michigan utilizes the edX online course platform.

The course study includes video lectures, projects, assignments, and student presentations. A student can complete a course for free. To get a certification, he or she needs to pay $50 in favor of the University. More information about the online courses can be available on the website of the University. Log on and view more.

University Of Notre Dame

The University Of Notre Dame offers online courses on some unique subjects. An enrollee can learn mathematics, history, science, technology, history, and lessons on religion. Students are free to choose the topics and learn from lectures, quizzes, and homework assignments. Some of the best-known studies available here are

  • Math in sports
  • Introduction to the Quran: The Scripture of Islam
  • Data Science Readiness Assessment
  • Meaning of Rome: The Renaissance and Baroque City

The University Of Notre Dame offers a money-saving technique for low-income students. One can apply for the course without any hesitation. The applicant needs to have a laptop for downloading video lectures and submission of assignments. Else, the person may fail to complete the studies. The best way to get them free is by finding government grants for free laptops for college students on Google search. Access any of them by proving your eligibility. For sure, there may be some free resources that will match your profile.

Utah State University

Utah State University offers free online courses in a different manner. Here one can find virtual course books covering anthropology, biology, economics, physics, and theatre arts. Please have a look at the topmost subjects taught here-

  • Research for Classroom Teacher
  • Classical Drama and Theatre
  • General Ecology
  • Information Theory
  • Data Visualization Theory and Practice

Utah State University offers an incredible series of online courses for all types of students. Anyone can take part in the programs and learn. It’s an entirely open-source program without any charges. You can visit the university site directly to know more about the program.

Yale University

Yale University needs no introduction in the world of education. Based on Haven, Connecticut, Yale brings an immersive learning experience through online courses. Any low-income student or financially backward person can learn

  • Frontiers of Biomedical Engineering
  • An Introduction to Ancient Greek History
  • Game Theory
  • Roman Architecture
  • The Psychology, Biology, and Politics of Food

The University offers 40 free online courses in humanities, physics, life sciences, and social science. Each of the classes demonstrated through audio and transcripts of lectures, videos, readings, quizzes, and exams. Completion of the course does not provide you certification for the same. Browse all classes for Yale University at courses here : https://shorturl.at/oyLM0

Bottom Line

Some of the top-listed universities for getting free and online education are provided above. Colleges and universities are offering resources like grants for laptops for college students.

Spread the value of knowledge and training to everyone. Feel free to get in touch with them if you need better assistance.

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