Scholarships for Adopted Kids

Being adopted often comes with many obstacles and problems, often starts when the adopted person is still a kid. But once they pass through their teen’s age, there are many scholarships for adopted kids available so that they can pursue good degrees in an accredited college in United States. This should ensure their bright future.

The presence of such financial aid is crucial because statistics have shown that many of these adopted children don’t go to college. In fact, only half of them graduated from high school. Out of those who actually earned their high school diploma, there’s only six percent that continue their education to college.


List of Scholarships for Adopted Kids

In this post you will see our list of available scholarships and grants for adopted kids, which hopefully can boost these kids’ confidence and spirit to pursue higher education:

Horatio Alger Association National Scholarship

Specifically aimed for students facing great problems (including adoption), this is by far the biggest adopted kids scholarship available in United States. Applicants should demonstrate extreme financial need, have an average GPA of at least 2.0, and show good commitment to finish their study. The application submission deadline is on February 1, and those who are selected will receive a whopping $21,000. Please call (703) 684-9444 or send emails to for more information on this great opportunity.

Casey Family Scholars Program

The Casey Family Scholars Program is a nation-wide program available for eligible foster or ex-foster kids. Those who have been adopted from a foster care after they turned 16, those who have been in a foster care for 12 consecutive months, and those whose parents passed away before their 18th birthday are encouraged to apply. The amount of scholarship varies, but typically somewhere between $1,500 and $6,000 per year for each selected students.  It is also worth noting that the scholarship is preferably given to those receiving the Pell Grant. Usually the deadline for this scholarship ends in March 31st. For more information, please call (571) 203-0270 or visit their website.

Gordon Evans Scholarship

As their utmost respect for the well-known foster parent named Gordon Evans, the National Foster Parent Association provides five scholarships, each worth $1,000, for foster and adoptive children in the United States who are studying full-time as undergraduate students in an accredited college. The deadline for this scholarship ends in March 31, and you can contact them at (253) 683-4246 for further information regarding this opportunity.

Fostering a Future Scholarship Program

The scholarship money is up to $2,500, and the deadline for application is on April 15. The program is administered and sponsored by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and the Children’s Action Network. The adopted kids should be enrolled in vocational training program, or two or four years of undergraduate education at an accredited institution in the United States. The candidates should be under 21 when he or she applies for this opportunity.  Call them at (310) 477-7611 or send emails to for more information.

Carlos Lara and Don Hazel Scholarship Fund

This $1,000 scholarship is available annually for foster and adoptive children who have graduated from high school and is currently attending an accredited college. You need to provide a copy of your high school transcript, college acceptance letter, letters of recommendation, and a short essay. Contact the Texas Foster Family Association for further details at (936) 275-3547. As you may have suggested, this scholarship is available for people in Texas State.

Other Scholarships for Adopted Children

There are many scholarship opportunities aimed for specific states or cities. For example, there’s the Illinois’ Adoptive Families Today Commemorative Scholarship,  Oregon’s DREAM Former Foster Children Scholarship, Vermont’s Emily Lester Vermont Opportunity Scholarship, the Dorothy and Robert Debolt Scholarship in California, etc.


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