Grants for Students with Deceased Parents

Young students who have lost a parent could really use grants for students with deceased parents. While there may be some money from the insurance, it is often that the amount is barely enough to cover years of daily expense and create a new source of income, let alone paying for years of tuition. This is true especially if the student is not a single child. Just imagine if there are three other children in their school years.

Therefore, we have compiled several grant opportunities available for students with deceased parents. Below are some of them:

Kid’s Chance Scholarship

If you lost your parent because of an on-the-job injury, this organization can provide grants to help you with your studies. Currently, the organization’s office can be found in 24 states in United States. The grant amount differs depending on several factors. Children of people who are disabled because on-the-job injuries are also eligible.

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant

You may be eligible for this grant if your parent is deceased because injuries sustained during their time of service in the Armed Forces in Afganistan or Iraq after the September 11, 2001. This grant works like a security net. As you know, most of the Pell Grants are given based on income, and if you don’t qualify due to the income criteria, you can apply for this grant. Note that the grant has the same amount with the maximum amount given by Pell grant for that year.

Grants for Students with Deceased Parents

Government Grants for Students with Deceased Parent

Veteran Affairs Survivors and Dependent Assistance

Here’re another military-related grants. This one is available for student with a deceased and disabled parent during their service or service-related conditions. The Veteran Affairs provides $1,000 per month, up to 45 months. You may be interested to know that the grant can also be used for another purpose than paying college’s tuition fee. You can use the grant for certification programs or job training.

Life Lessons Scholarship Program

This program is administered by a Life Happens, a nonprofit organization. The money can be used for covering the costs of tuition etc of college, university or trade schools. Applicants are required to submit an essay or video, explaining the impact of your parent’s death to your life and how a good life insurance plan could have helped you. There is around $175,000 available each year for students who have lost their parent, and each student receives between $2,000 and $15,000.

Other Scholarships

There are various grants available for people who have lost their parents. You just need to know how to search it. First, we recommend looking for a grant that is related to the cause of death of your parent. For example, if your parent died from a form of cancer, you should look for a scholarship or grant that focuses on a specific type of cancer.  You can also search for state-based grant programs, which are usually pretty generous if your parent was a member of the police, firefighters or armed forces.

I hope the post can help you find grants for college students with deceased parent.


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