Salvation Army Lubbock Program Assistances And Supports

Salvation Army Lubbock can be the best option to start changing your life or others. The Salvation Army is popular as the important part of the Christian church. They go with the Christian belief to do good things to other people who need help. They are supporting people with education, poverty issues, and other charitable items. Moreover, they do this for the society in the name of the humanity.

As far as we know, Salvation Army is a nonprofitable organization. The founder was William Booth in 1865. The organization spread widely from London, England, and now you can find Salvation Army Lubbock. As the international movement, they helped 25,000,000 Americans per year. In addition, the Salvation Army has served 127 countries. They also have 1,500,000 members including soldiers, officers, and adherents.

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Salvation Army Lubbock And Ways To Donate

The organization works based on the Bible. They are working in the name of their God to meet the needs of the society. They work without any discrimination. Besides, you can donate your items to the Salvation Army in your area. Alternatively, you can call at 1-800-SA-TRUCK. To get more information or schedule a pickup in your area, you can visit at In addition, it is possible to drop your donation off t the Salvation Army donation center.

Moreover, the Salvation Army offers a car donation program for some locations. They accept vehicles in any condition, whether it is working or not. However, not all types of vehicles are acceptable. It is because they have to deal with the regulations and some considerations. If you want to donate your car, make sure that you contact them first.

There are some ways to do to donate your goods to The Salvation Army as below:

  1. Give by online
  2. By phone at 1-800-SAL-ARMY (1-800-725-2769)
  3. Donate your goods to The Salvation Army Family Store. For any donated items, The Salvation Army will sell these good. After that, they use the money to fund their Adult Rehabilitation Centers. In addition, they use the money for their local programs.
  4. Mail your gift to:

The Salvation Army, Texas Headquarters

  • P.O. Box 36607
  • Dallas, TX 75235

Or, mail it to your nearest Salvation Army location.

When You Cannot Contribute Your Money

If you cannot contribute your support to other people through your financial help, it is possible to be their volunteer. Here, you can learn more about local Salvation Army Center. In fact, there are more than 3 millions of individuals of all ages. These people volunteered their talents, resources, and times to help The Salvation Army. You can contact The Salvation Army in your local community to know about the volunteer availability.

The Salvation Army honors any preferences of their donors. When you decide to give online, they will provide a box to designate your gift. In case that you donate by check, you can use the memo line to designate the program of your options. However, if you left your gifts undesignated, they will send it to the area where your gifts will be useful.

Why You Should Donate Your Items To The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has been working for more than 120 years. During that time, they have demonstrated their capability. They are able to identify and meet the needs of the society efficiently. They used their communities in the worldwide. Therefore, you should donate your goods to The Salvation Army. Besides, they can make sure that your money and donations are helpful for other people. It means that everything is for those who in needs. In addition, they have wide programs to help people under their single agency.

If you want to receive the donation, you do not have to be the member of The Salvation Army Church. Based on the fact, they are working for all people who really need them. Besides, they do not discriminate people. They welcome anyone who comes to them even with different beliefs.

When you trust the Salvation Army Lubbock, start your donation. They can make your items go further. In fact, they take 81 cents of every dollar. This money to sustain life-changing programs. These programs are important. The goal is to give a new hope to hurting souls. In addition, they spent 12 cents of every dollar for the administrative support. Meanwhile, they spend for fundraising is 7 cents.

Asides from the fact that they spent 81 cents of every dollar for the programs; they spent 100% of every dollar for the disaster relief donation. They use it to help first responders and survivors. Therefore, it is a right choice when you decide to donate your gifts to The Salvation Army. Their transparencies about the money and donation flows and the report of their programs are good. Hence, you can check their website.

The Salvation Army Lubbock Programs

Here, we provide you the available programs and supports if you need Salvation Army Lubbock.

1.     Support for Adults

You can choose how you can help to support adults, such as Combat Addiction,  Love the Elderly, and Serve Veterans.

2.     Children and Families

To help children and families, you can choose your ways to help. For example, Holidays Gift, Equip Families with needs and Feed the Hungry. Even you can help people The Salvation Army by providing shelter and share God’s love.

3.     Disaster Relief

The Salvation Army also welcomes you to help disaster survivors and Hurricane Harvey updates.

If you want to visit their office, here is their address:

  • 1111 16th Street
  • Lubbock, TX 79401

Final Words

In the end, The Salvation Army Lubbock is a trusted, reliable and popular non-profitable organization that spread in many areas. They are ready to help people especially those in needs with their national and international programs. Besides, they have been spending many years to tell the world about their commitment. They can make sure that your gifts will be useful for other people. They believe that you can make a big difference by donating your gifts.

In case that you want to spend some of your money for doing good, you can visit their official SA Lubbock website. It is the reliable option instead of having some charitable organizations. Not all of these organizations have good achievement and experience to distribute their gifts. Besides, there are many non-profitable organizations take a higher amount of administration cost. Therefore, The Salvation Army is always there as your ideal choice.

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