Salvation Army Grants

Salvation Army Grants – The Salvation Army offers several types of grants. The headquarters have been receiving funds from the government to assist veterans and veteran families who have very low incomes. These grants can take form in many types of grants. However, the most well-known types are low-income grants and student grants.

Salvation Army Grants for Low-Income Veterans

Last year, the Salvation Army grants were given to veterans who have less than 50% of the city’s median salary. The grant was given so that they could get permanent homes, or at least avoid the risk of being homeless. Almost 1.8 million dollars was spent on the veteran financial assistance program. The Salvation Army grant was funded by various sources, but most come from Federal organizations such as the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Department of Veterans Affairs is determined to help all homeless veterans by the end of 2015.

The program is very successful. According to recent data, as much as 93 percent of Salvation Army grant recipients have managed to avoid being homeless within a year since they were discharged from the program. This is a good indication that the Salvation Army offers a complete solution for these people. According to the Salvation Army’s Director of Social Services, the grant money is mainly used for paying a housing specialist, a social worker, and an administrative assistant.

Salvation Army Grants for Students

There’s also another grant coming from the Salvation Army that focuses on education. The Scholarship Grants for Children of Officers and Auxiliary Captains provides good financial aid for children of active and retired officers from the Salvation Army.

If you are children of an officer, and you have a plan to enroll in higher education, specialized education, or school for officer training, you may be eligible for this Salvation Army grant. Financial aid is also available for officers’ children attending schools outside the United States.


Army Salvation Grant for Education – Eligibility

In order to be eligible for the grant, here are the requirements and conditions that must be met:

  1. The officer’s child should have graduated from high school, or have reached 18 years of age by the time the application is submitted.
  2. The child must be a full-time student in accredited higher education, including college or university, specialized education program or school for officer training.
  3. The grant should be used for qualified expenses; which include tuition, fees, books, equipment, and supplies.
  4. The application must be submitted before the school year is over. Submitted applications after the school year has ended will be rejected.
  5. The minimum average score is C or better
  6. The scholarship and grants are not meant for part-time or evening school classes and correspondence courses.

The amount of salvation army grants and scholarship for higher education students are up to $7,700 per academic year. This scholarship will be awarded for four years, with an annual review.

If you’re interested to apply for this scholarship and grant, fill out the form available from our reference below, and then you can send them by letter or email


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