Low Cost Animal Hospital That Can Save Your Pet’s Life

Low cost animal hospital can be challenging to find. When you are trying to find any information on the Internet, there is a lot of option available. Of course, it is confusing to choose the best ones. Spending your time to research and find an affordable animal clinic is important. In fact, the cost to visit a vet for your pet can be expensive.

It is so a pity to see your pet acting so strange. Therefore, when you decide to have a pet, you should also consider the expense of the vet, too. You need to bring her to the clinic routinely. But, what can you do to deal with the expense? If you have free time today, take a seat. We hope our information here can help save your money.


Best Low Cost Animal Hospital In NYC

If you live in NYC, we hope the list of low cost animal hospital below can help you. The list below is our choice and we just provide you a little information. We are not working for them such as promoting them. It is good if you leave any

1. ASPCA Mobile Spay/ Neuter Clinics

ASPCA is an affordable, high-quality neuter and spay surgery. Moreover, this is a mobile clinic that can travel all around New York City and its neighborhoods. Their goal is to deal with animal homelessness. Besides, they have a great commitment to supporting serious animal health problems in any area with limited access to get vet care.

ASPCA also provides subsidized neutering or spaying services to any community. They have professional trainers. In addition, they provide vets with full licenses and professional technicians. They work under the Association of Shelter Veterinarians. https://www.aspca.org/nyc/spay-neuter-services/mobile-spay-neuter-clinic

The Eligibility

The ASPCA provides accessible neutering and spays at an affordable cost. In addition, they provide this program for low-income pet families in New York City. Of course, you should bring proof like your welfare, Medicare, and Medicaid. Other than that, you need to bring your SSI, disability, food stamps, and TANF. Those who have been receiving unemployment benefits cannot join this program.

Do not forget to bring these things:

  • A photo ID
  • Proof of NYC Address
  • Proof of Public Assistance
The Cost

If you bring proof of your public assistance, your pet will get the services at no cost. Meanwhile, if you do not bring that proof, you should pay for $125 cash, check, and money order.

Available Service

Here are the following services they can provide for low cost animal hospital:

  • Spay/ neuter surgery
  • Rabies Vaccine
  • FVRCP vaccine for cats and DA2PPV vaccine for dogs
  • Nail trim
  • Small tattoo
  • E-collar
  • Microchip with an extra $10 per animal
Animals They Can Serve

Their vets can examine any animals to determine their health condition and surgery needs. They accept all animals below:

  • Healthy cats and dogs
  • Eight-week kittens and puppies with a weight at least 2 pounds
  • Female cats in heat
  • Female dogs in heat
  • Pregnant dogs and cats
  • Large dogs (They cannot accept certain giant breeds)

2. The Human Society Of New York

By appointment, you can get help for low cost animal hospital on any day. Besides, they are open for seven days from 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Meanwhile, they are unavailable in some big events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and others. https://humanesocietyny.org/about/clinic.php


306 E. 59th St (between 1st and 2nd avenues), NYC 10022

Just in case you want to make an appointment, you should call them at 212-753-4840. Please make this call between 9.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m. Otherwise you can ask them to contact you and make an appointment by emailing them first at info.hsny@verizon.net

Make sure that you include the following things in the e-mail:

  1. Your name
  2. Your mobile phone number or daytime
  3. Information about your pet
  4. The type of appointment you want (for example, an office visit, neuter, or others)
The Service

They have low cost animal hospital full-service vets for dogs, cats, and exotic pets to get quality treatments. The services are from basic wellness care to surgical procedures. Here is what they can help:

  • Office visits
  • Inoculations
  • Wellness exams
  • Blood test
  • X-rays
  • Complete medical and surgical management
  • Geriatric care
  • EKG
  • Spay or neuter
  • Hospitalization
  • Endoscopy
  • Medical care for exotic pets

They can help you do Endoscopies for your pets. This is a visual examination of the internal organs like the lungs, stomach, and others. Besides, this method does not require invasive exploratory surgery. Also, it is a technique to remove foreign bodies that have been ingested.

Once your doctors recommend you to do surgery for your pet, this service helps comprehensive soft tissues. Also, they offer basic orthopedic treatments, neuter services, and low cost animal hospital support to spay.

If you want to schedule dental work with them, you should take the initial exam first. After that, you can call them at 212-752-4840 and set an appointment. Besides, they can determine the procedure based on your pet’s age.

3. Vetco Clinics

You can bring your pet into this low cost animal hospital in your area to save money for vaccinations. Also, they can help with Lyme and heartworm disease testing. Besides, you can purchase any prescriptions for heartworm, tick, and flea prevention products here. Nevertheless, you must bring your pet to the clinic.

Furthermore, Vetco supports microchipped service for $19. You just have to select the locations and then ask the store for the details. They also provide low-cost vaccination support and vet care for weekend hours. https://www.vetcoclinics.com/

You can call them at 1-877-VET-SHOTs

4. The Pet Fund

Do you seek for low cost animal hospital? Why do not try the Pet Fund? Well, it is a nonprofit organization. What they do is provide financial assistance for pet parents in the United States. Besides, the eligible parents are those who need vet care. https://www.thepetfund.com/for-pet-owners

In fact, there are four types of care to know as below:

  • Basic care (Spay and neuter, dental, vaccinations)
  • Non-basic, non-urgent care (heart disease, cancer treatment)
  • Urgent care (broken leg, diagnostic testing)
  • Emergency care (Life-threatening illnesses or injuries)

What can The Pet Fund do?

This organization only supports non-basic, non-urgent care. It means, they only support medical needs like heart disease, cancer treatments, and chronic conditions. Furthermore, they can help with endocrine diseases and eye diseases.

The Eligibility

Here are the things you should know so your pets are eligible for this program:

  • Your pet must need non-basic and non-urgent care only.
  • You and your pet must meet their program criteria
  • The medical needs of your pet must be able to wait for the length of their waiting list
  • You must email them with the request to send your application

If you think that your pet is possible to meet their requirement, you can send an email to info@thepetfund.com. Make sure that you provide a description of the medical needs of your pets. In addition, you should include your phone number and e-mail. If the medical needs of your pets can match their program criteria, they will advise you to complete your application. You must not send any application before the staff had reviewed your email request.

5. Paws For A Cure

The last option, this can be the alternative for low cost animal hospital. In fact, Paws 4 A Cure is a nonprofit organization. They all are volunteers with the goal to provide financial assistance in the United States. Besides, they help those who cannot deal with the cost of vet care for their pets. What they do is support dogs and cats with all injuries and illnesses. Also, this program is available for all pets without discriminating against diagnosis, age, and breed. http://www.paws4acure.org/askforhelp.php

This support does not accept government funding. In addition, this organization receives the contributions of individuals who care about feline and canine companions. They can provide financial assistance based on their events and donations. Besides, the financial assistance they can provide depends on the available funds. When it comes to veterinary care, they do not include vaccinations, euthanasia, and spaying or neutering.

The Alternatives Of Low-Cost Animal Hospital

Here are other tips on how to get affordable animal vet care if you are outside of NYC. This alternative is a good way to try if you think that the list above could not help.

1. A Vet School

You can find more affordable vet care here than animal hospitals or vet clinics. The students will perform the procedures and a vet will be their supervisor. Make sure that the school has good accreditation.

2. Ask Vet To Help

Just in case your pet needs urgent and expensive medical treatment you cannot cover, you can talk to your vet. It is good to discuss your situation. Some vets do not mind making payment plans and discounts.

3. Find A Charity

Well, it is better to get help from a charity. In fact, some organizations have the program to provide some amount of money for supporting medical treatment for pets.

4. Get Cheaper Prescriptions

Do you buy prescription medication from your vet? Well, the price can be expensive. So, you should compare the prices at online sites like PetCareRx.

Those are all things you should know about Low-cost animal hospitals. Remember that there are many ways. So, do not give up!

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