Institutions that Accept Mattress Donation in the U.S and its Various Criteria:

In the U.S, old furniture or mattress is a liability to be carried forward as people already live in a very confined space. Again, there are homeless and needy people who can’t afford to buy a mattress. Therefore, mattress donations will help in meeting the bedding needs of many unprivileged people.

Well! Although some institutions recycle mattresses but not all, so if your mattress or bedding is in good condition, it will serve as a new bed for a needy person.

Many non-profit organizations have mattress donation stations where you can visit to drop off your mattress. Else some organizations have mattress collection vans visiting door to door to collect mattresses.


Some popular non-profits in the U.S that accept Mattress Donation:

  • Salvation Army: One popular non-profit taking care of household, clothing, and mattress needs for the victims. It accepts donations from donors making life easier for the underprivileged. The mattress serves the bedding needs of disaster victims, domestic abuse victims, and other homeless, needy masses. It offers dumpster services in many locations in the U.S, hence no need to carry or load the old mattress on your car.
  • Habitat for Humanity: Yes, you are thinking it right! Habitat for humanity is another non-profit agency that accepts mattress donations. It also caters to other requirements like providing adorable and adorable housing and household items to the lesser-privileged section. It aims at uplifting the socio-economic condition of the down-trodden.
  • Vietnam-veterans of America: It is also a non-profit that takes care of the bedding requirement of the war-affected veterans. There are multiple locations across the U.S where you can drop down your mattress and household essentials.
  • Catholic Charities: In the U.S, many Catholic institutions cater to the bedding, clothing, and furniture requirements of the needy in shelter camps or the lesser privileged. But catholic charities accept a mattress that is in good condition. It is ideal for the ones who have bought the wrong size or type of mattress.
  • Local Charities: In case you do not find a national or international charitable institution in your locality to donate your mattress. One can opt for local charities that may be shelter homes, churches, local furniture banks, or shelters for the homeless. In such charitable institutions, most do not have a home pick-up service; thereby, be prepared to deliver your used mattress to such institutions in your vehicles.
  • Facebook Self-help group: Many such self-help groups make ways for people to donate mattresses by voluntarily organizing campaigns. So if you are looking to donate your mattress, such groups could also serve your purpose but make sure your mattress is in usable condition. The mattress you want to donate should fit the mattress donation criteria.

Tips to consider before Donating your Mattress:

Donating a mattress does not mean simply getting rid of it or tossing the leftover on someone else’s plate. Thereby, ensure your mattress fulfills the donation criteria like:

Springs: It is ideal to ensure the springs are in working condition.

Minimal or Zero stain: The mattress must be free from any unhygienic stains like puss, and blood, to mention a few. It is best if your mattress fulfills the Zero stain criterion.

  • The mattress should be odor-free and also should not have ripped.
  • It should be free from bedbugs, infestations, and molds.
  • The cushions should also be in a functional condition.

Most charitable institutes prefer to accept mattresses from donors at a certain scheduled time. One key reason behind it is due to the large size of the mattress, and storing it requires space.

Criteria to be considered for Mattress Donation:

  • Scheduling: Discuss prior to the date of pick up or drop off of your mattress in the donation center and mark it in the calendar. The reason being mattresses occupy lots of space.
  • Stripping: Strip off all the outer coverings, sheets, casings, and toppers prior to donating the mattress.
  • Cleanse your Mattress prior to Donating: Give your mattress to a professional cleaner for cleansing prior to donating. In case of DIY, vacuum the mattress first; cleanse the stains with skin-friendly spot remover available on the market. Thereafter let the mattress sit for a night and again re-vacuum in the morning.
  • Storage and packaging: After cleansing your mattress, store your mattress in safe packaging until finally donated. Package it in a cover to keep it away from molds, mildews, and bedbugs.


Every mattress donated matters, but always remember you are doing it for goodwill and not for removing a trash piece from your house. Therefore think of donating one that is in good condition. Again, mattress donation serves a noble purpose as there are many homeless, abused people who are in need of it.