Income Restricted Apartments – Qualification and Application Guide

Do you know about Income restricted apartments? There are many apartments available to choose from. Income restricted apartment means that these apartments are available to help low-income families. The goal is so those families to find the affordable apartments. It is possible for you to stay in this kind of apartment. However,  you should meet the requirement of eligibility as the tenant.

The owner of Income restricted apartments can be the city or individuals. For individuals who have these apartments, they must receive the tenant’s requirements. After that, the owner will get the subsidy payment directly from the state of the federal tax credit. Well, it is a misconception if you think that Income restricted apartments are the same as income-based apartments.


Income Restricted Apartments Vs. Income Based Apartments

Both of these apartments are available to provide the proper housing for the low-income families and other individuals who need this service. However, low-income apartments go to two categories, which are restricted, and income based. Even though the programs have the same goal, of course, there are some differences between the two. In fact, there are three key points to differentiate Income restricted apartments with income based apartments as below.

1.     Property

The construction of Income restricted apartments at the very first beginning is for the low or middle-income families. To construct these apartments, the local or national government provides the fund. Even they involve the nonprofit organizations. In addition, this program is the part of HUD, which stands for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The properties that involve in this program have to do so for 30 years, even more.

Meanwhile, there is an income-based apartment. The owner is the individual landlords. Nevertheless, when they want to offer this type of apartment, they must meet the specific criteria. For example, the owner must be able to renovate their property so that it can meet the HUD standards. Besides, they must make their units to become the part of apartment buildings. The requirement is  20 to 40% units designed for the low-income families. This regulation goes the same for duplexes, single-family homes, and townhouses.

2.     Tenant Eligibility

Next, it is also important to know how to run for the income restricted apartments. For example, if you want to be the owner of these type of apartment, make sure that your household’s earnings are 60% less than the income of the area’s median. As of the resident who wants to lie in the income-based apartment community, it is important to know that their household income should be 50% less than the income of area’s median.

3.     The Way To Determine The Rent

For the income-restricted housing, the rent per month depends on the percentage of the income area and the size of the housing itself. In fact, the rents should not exceed the market values because. Nevertheless, it can fluctuate. When it comes to the amount of rental payment, the one that determines is the tenant. After that, the government will subsidize the rest.

For HUD, they determine the rent per month of the approved income based apartments. What they do is to calculate 30% of the adjusted gross income of the tenant. After that, the government will subsidize the rest of the rent.

So, What Does Actually Income Restricted Apartments Mean?

HUD has designed this good program. They allow people with limited incomes to have suitable apartments to rent at the reasonable prices. This is more popular as Section 8 Lease, even though there are other similar programs available. This is a great housing program that supports those who have to work hard but need a little help. When it comes to income restricted apartments, you should know these things:


First, the eligibility can be different. It depends on the location. In most cases, you are eligible to be the tenant of an income-restricted apartment if the household income you have is not more than 50% of the median income in your area. Therefore, you have to show the proof of the income per year to make sure that you are eligible.

Good Neighborhood

Second, it is surprising to know that the income-restricted apartment is possible to find in the good neighborhood. Even though you have to live in this housing option, you are good. It is because you are in a safe place that is close to the public transportation. You can work, go to school, and visit the grocery stores without any hassles.


Third, it is about searching the income-restricted housing. In fact, it is quite easy to find one. In addition, you can find the potential apartments near you. You can use some apartment guides to get the options. Therefore, keep trying and for sure, you are able to find ones.

Not For Emergency Situation

Last but not the least, it is important to note that the income restricted apartments are not for the emergency situation. It means that you cannot use this place to stay right away. These programs are available for low-income families who are seeking for the place to stay for a long term. Therefore, there must be waiting lists to deal with. It can take months, or years. For this reason, you should not expect to move right away.

Utilities Covered

When you are renting an income-restricted apartment, generally, the owner will include the utilities in the rent price. Well, again, it depends on the area. Therefore, you should find more information whether they will include the utilities as the price of the rental or not. Nevertheless, the basics like gas or water, the owner commonly covers it.

How To Apply For Income Restricted Apartments Based On HUD

HUD operates the program to provide affordable and safe housing for low and moderate-income families. This program is also available for elderly and disabled people. Nevertheless, they do not process the application directly. What they do is to provide the funds to the local government agencies. They also fund the non-profit agencies or individual states. If you want to get the restricted income apartments to live, you should locate the appropriate agency in your area. Besides, you should complete the process. Here, we provide you the essential guide to applying for the HUD housing programs.

Researching The HUD Programs

To start, you should find the local public housing agency. Even though the federal provides the fund for HUD, it runs on the local level through the HA, which stands for the individual Public Housing Agencies. In this part, you should determine the services in your area to get more information about the available programs in your region. After that, you should continue to complete the application process.

First, you should go online and visit to choose your state. Then, you can use this information to find the list in your area. Next, scroll the list to get the contact information, including the phone and the e-mail.

In addition, it sounds good if you learn more about their programs. There are various programs available such as the types of the housing. For example, there are single-family homes or high-rise apartments. Choose the program that fits your needs. You are eligible if you can provide the proof that you are low-income families or individuals or you are the elderly and the disabled. Here are some of their programs:

Housing Choice Voucher Program

It is popular as Section 8 housing. HUD makes it the largest program. What they do is to provide vouchers so the tenant can rent in the private market. The tenants must be able to bring the proof that they are low-income families or individuals, the elderly or the disabled.

HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) – This program provides the low-income housings. They provide funding to build, buy, or even renovate housing for ownership or renting.

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)

In this program, they provide housing assistance. The tenants must be people with HIV or AIDS and the families. They also provide the additional services.

Multifamily Subsidized Housing Programs

In this program, they also include Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly. They also have the Congregate Housing Service Program or, CHSP. These are the beneficial programs for the elderly persons. What they do is to provide some good services. For example, the tenants will get transportation and housekeeping service. It is important to note that it is a limited program. The requirement is the tenant must be 62 years old, minimum. They also provide additional services.


For this program, the goal is to reduce the homelessness, especially for the veterans and the families. They also provide the additional services.

Self-help homeownership opportunity program (SHOP)

This program is quite different from other HUD programs. SHOP is available for the regional and national non-profit agencies. It means that the program is not for families or individuals. This program is available to help to purchase and renovating any home sites.

Furthermore, you have to check your income. You are going to spend your time to complete the application. Therefore, you should check the income to make sure that you can meet the income limit as the requirement from the HUD. Once you think that you are eligible, you can go on. In fact, the income limits depend on the areas. Besides, it depends on the size of the household. Therefore, you should make a comparison about your income against the limit for the area.

You can check the income limit for your area by contacting the local HA. Alternatively, you can look online by clicking here. Just because your income is above the income limit, it does not mean that you cannot apply for it. It is better to speak with the HA representative at first. Besides, you can browse through their website. HUD has many resources to read there. You can find different programs, types of services and good sources of the loan, affordable apartments, and others.

Locate The Appropriate Documentation

At this point, you should know the things to determine the way to fill out the application. If you check the HUD website, the federal government stated that all applications should be in hard copy. You can complete the application by yourself. Alternatively, you can get the assistance from the HA representative.

It is important to know that some states allow the participants to have electronic applications in certain programs. Here, you should contact the HA representative to find the specific policies. After that, you can make an appointment with the HA representative. You should fill out the application by yourself. Or, call the local agency and make an appointment if you need their help to fill out the application.

Besides, we recommend you to get the necessary information. There is some information you need to complete the application process. Therefore, you should collect this information first as your preparation. You would never forget something when you go to the HA’s office if you write down all the information you have collected. For example, you have to write down your current address, phone number, and other information about your families who will be staying in the housing unit. It is the requirement to include their name, sex, their relationship to the head of the household and their date of birth.

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Fill Out The Application

Next, it is good to complete any extra information that can help you to qualify for the programs you participate. For example, provide the information about the veteran status, are you currently in a substandard housing or not. These details surely can help you. Moreover, it is important to provide your household income per year including the information of the income sources.

When you are ready to go to the Housing Agency to fill out your application. You should bring your birth certificates, tax returns, driver’s license and other information. Bring those items to help you complete the application. Provide the documentation at the time you want to complete the application. This is important to make sure that your application goes smoothly. Besides, we recommend you to apply for many programs available as you can. Some of them have wait lists. Therefore, you can maximize your opportunity by applying for multiple programs.

Well, those are the complete information you should know to apply for income restricted apartments and other HUD programs.

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