Know Who Can Get Grants for Moving Expenses

Grants for Moving Expenses. Managing the moving expenditure is really challenging for a few people. Many people have to leave their house in foreclosure. Sometimes they fail to pay rent on time and the owner asked them to leave. Whatever be your individual reason to move – there is some special organization that provides free financial aid for people relocating in poor financial condition.

The federal government and charitable trust actively working in the USA and other countries are offering grants for moving expenses. This is to help the one troubling with poor financial condition.  The organization charges nothing for transporting your items to the new home. They even help with finances to manage the additional cost of relocation. Let’s us help you understand who can take advantage of the moving expenses and what are the best sources for them.

financial-assistance-for-moving-expenses Financial Help for Moving Expenses

#1 – Moving Expenses for Women and Single Parent

Women and single parents are eligible for moving assistance from the charitable organization. Single parent, mostly women, face a lot of difficulties in paying relocation charges. They have to deal with schooling fees, books, medical charges, food, clothing and many other things. A financially challenged woman cannot afford all on her own.

She has to take assistance from the federal organization or charitable groups to deal with the situation and manage a healthy lifestyle. Above that, some of this organization help with food, furniture, medical, and schooling of the children. Let’s give you an idea about the major groups that help women with grants for moving expenses.

  • Salvation Army – This organization is world-fame for its number of charitable trusts all around the globe. They provide assistance to low-income families; any single mother or women can get financial help for food, clothing, moving services, shelter, and more. Salvation Army has the largest number of single mother community care grants for those who are relocating. Applicants have to meet certain specific requirements to get free funds. Not all single parent is eligible.
  • State Welfare Agency – This agency did not provide financial aid; it provides free Medicaid and food facilities for needy. State Welfare Agency provides financial help for low-income families only. Women can use them to pay for moving expenses.
  • Safe Shelters – This group provides free accommodation in an asylum for women escaping from an abusive relationship. Sometimes they help women financially to start a new life, with a new home, new occupation, and much more.

There are some other sources too. If you are looking for one, apply from any socially active and reputable organization. Remember, the amount may vary depending on the organization, you have applied.

#2 – Moving Expenses for low-income families

Many families live on rent or lease in the USA and abroad. They often have to change their place after the lease gets over. Low-income families cannot afford a moving expense. The federal government offers relocation assistance programs for them. They are –

  • Emergency Solution Grants – This grant provides free financial help for the poor and needy ones. They provide $2,500 of funds for families who are relocating and need financial help. This grant for moving expenses is processed with 24 hours and sent directly to the utility company, landlord, or management company. Through the noble help, ESG brings stability in the life of families.
  • Federal Relocation Assistance Program – This program helps low-income families to pay for utilities, rent, relocation cost, and more; like the TANF fund. This fund is governed under Federal and state government for providing material support to needy people.
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development – This department provides free government grants for meeting the household need, rent cost, relocation charges, and moving expenses and much more under special conditions. Take for example – if you have a house in the Washington region and on the verge of demolition, then you are eligible for the HUD funds. You can read about criteria from the website.

#3 – Moving Expenses for disabled

  • A Formidable Alliance – The resource page of the National Home of Your Own Alliance Institute On Disability, as created under the guidance of the University of New Hampshire is considered as an important resource for finding all the benefits available for a disabled person under the federal government. Visit the site directly for referrals, housing assistance programs for disabled or any general income assistance.
  • Social Security Administration – This is an online booklet to help disabled persons in knowing their disability benefits. They assist them in the application process. If you cannot find answers to the questions in the booklet, you can talk to SSA
  • Grants – All the government organization provides financial assistance for physically challenged people. You can get money for relocation, renovation, and several other purposes as well.

#4 – Special programs for veterans

Any veteran soldier or their family can get benefited from Veterans Inc. Supportive Services. This program helps families to pay for their rent and utility payment, housing, childcare, legal services, moving expenses, security deposit, etc.

#5 – Moving Expenses for new employees

Some reputed companies provide relocation cost to the employees; it will help them to cater to their moving expenses, packaging, transportation charges, and others. The remuneration cost may vary, depending upon the employer and place where the employee is being relocated.

#6 – Budgeting Loans

Families or individuals can apply for budgeting loan at Pension Credit, Job Seekers Allowance, and Employment and Support Allowance. You can get $100 as a loan from this program, depending upon your circumstances or reason for application. These types of loans are free of interest rates and to be paid within 2 months.


This is all about grants for moving expenses for the needy families and individuals.  If you are thinking about moving and want to reduce the financial burden of your impending move, take full advantage of the above stated charitable programs. If you are looking for a free grant to help someone, suggest these resources as well.

PS: For Muslim, please avoid credit card or loan with interest rate, it’s RIBA!!

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