Colorado Coalition For The Homeless And The Phone Number

Colorado Coalition for the homeless program is available in many options. You can use these programs to get help. Their goal is to help homeless so they get a valuable assistance. It is what you need when you are facing eviction. In addition, these programs give you housing needs. They complete it with some useful services.

They also have many programs available. It is because they are cooperating with their partners. In fact, they work with Urban Peak and Outreach Collaboration. In this opportunity, we would like to collect some programs for the homeless, including the phone number. If you know a person who needs this information, please let him/her know.


Colorado Coalition For The Homeless Rental Assistance

They are many options available to get rental assistance. But, they provide a limited offer. Furthermore, you only can apply for their program through certain referrals. The services they can provide are permanent housing and vouchers. In addition, they have transitional apartments to provide. Please note that they provide a limited service. They only can help homeless families or individuals.

In fact, they have some useful programs. They can provide you property owner advocacy and counseling. You can also get their housing referrals service. Other programs available are housing search assistance, life skill training, and on-site inspections. It is possible to find their direct financial aid to pay the rent. However, this is a limited assistance. Commonly, you can get this kind of assistance through referrals to the federal programs.

Here are the following options when you need Colorado homeless shelters:

Street Outreach

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless also leads and coordinates DSOC, which stands for Denver Street Outreach Collaborative. This program includes the City and County of Denver, Urban Peak, and St. Francis Center. The programs are essential to support the homeless. What they do is to help the individuals to build trusting relationships with their staff. In addition, the services are to move them from the homelessness toward the stable housing support. The programs are to give the needs of safety and to give crisis intervention. Besides, they want to connect homeless to mental and medical health care, housing, clothing, and other assistance.

With DSOC, they give services especially to homeless individuals by providing more than 30,000 contacts. In 2015, they have helped 274 people to get permanent housing.

Street Outreach Program And Services

  • Help people move from the streets to get better treatment, such as employment and housing
  • Get vital documents, such as birth certificates, social security cards, and Colorado’s ID
  • Support accessing shelter
  • Provide basic needs such as coats, gloves, hats, and socks

Behavioural Health Outreach Program

This program is available to support people who live on the street and live with their mental illness. BHN work together with DSOC to identify and engage any individuals to live on the street. In addition, they have navigators to work immediately with the homeless community providers. Therefore, they will identify, assess and even diagnose the homeless. Besides, they also educate and treat the qualified people. The goal is to provide the appropriate care. Their community has care providers. What they do is to formulate the right treatment plans and to monitor the progress of the services.

Recovery Support Services for Youth Program

This program supports adolescents as well as young adults from 15 to 25 years old with mental health issues. They provide the right treatments. They work based on the Urban Peak case managers referrals.

In this program, the qualified person will get some services such as psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Besides, they can get access to Stout Street Health Center for dental, medical, and pharmacy services. In addition, this program provides outpatient therapy, referral to the community mental health centers.

For further information, please visit the link above or visit their office at 2100 Broadway, Denver, CO 80205.

Housing First

This adopted program is available to support chronic homeless individuals. So, they can move immediately out of their shelter or streets. The goal is to provide a proper housing. This program named Housing First because they will provide rapid access to support housing, provide intensive case management. The goal is to provide crisis intervention and therapeutic support services.

What they do is to avoid the homelessness recurrence, to help homeless people with disabilities. By implementing this approach, they can reduce the needs of emergency room care, detox services, inpatient medical and psychiatric care. They also can reduce the emergency shelter needs. Based on the report, they can reduce by almost 73% of the cost. Through this approach, they can make $31,545 cost savings for each participant.

In addition, multiple studies made the Housing First got more popularity. Based on those studies, the program is successful to end homelessness with chronical issues, especially those with psychiatric disabilities.

House First program And Services

  • Nursing assistance
  • Legal referrals and advocacy
  • Referrals to food resources
  • Substance use treatment
  • Therapy
  • Psychiatric services
  • Benefits acquisition
  • Linkage to integrated health services
  • Transportation assistance
  • Linkage to community resources
  • Assertive community treatment team
  • Supportive housing

If you seek for housing assistance, we recommend you to come to their Community Resources program to complete the VI-SPDAT. It is a survey to measure how long you are homelessness, as well as the medical vulnerability. At that time, they will place you on One Home to assess you for the housing placement. Please note that they cannot accept referrals from other sources.

For further information, please contact 303 297 4091

Another way to do is to visit 2100 Broadway, Denver, CO 80205.

Career and Employment Counseling

This is another option to take when it comes to the Colorado Coalition for the homeless. It supports individuals to gain, and increase their income. Besides, they help homeless individuals to get complete their vocational goals. Their prior is to help you get a job so you can pay the rent and regain your place.

The case managers coordinate with the community action agencies, employers as well as government job centers. Therefore, this program can run well. They provide effective strategies including the action plans to support their clients. Through their program, homeless individuals can learn how to use the available resources. Therefore, they can develop their skills to get a job.

Community Resources and PATH

The program is available to help the homeless adults, especially individuals with no children. The goal is to help them to complete their short-term needs. Besides, the program is to support transition individuals. Speaking of the program, here are the following services available:

  • Provide an assistance to apply for permanent housing
  • Short-term case management
  • Provide shelter information
  • Give referrals to other agencies
  • Give referrals to have treatment programs based on community
  • Support basic hygiene products
  • Benefits applications assistance
  • Advocacy
  • Payeeship referrals
  • Permanent resident card applications

PATH is available to support single, homeless individuals who live with mental illness. This program helps a person to move from the homelessness to the permanent housing. Besides, the person can get the access to the resources to the person gets a housing stability for a long-term. Even though the client does not have any specific limit, commonly the period is from nine to eighteen months.

PATH Application Requirements

  • Photo ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of income
  • Social security card

Note: It does not a big deal if you have no original items above since you can provide the copies.

If you are a single adult, couples without children, make sure that you are eligible. It does not a big deal if you have no referral. Meanwhile, if you know a person who needs PATH, make sure that the individual can meet the following requirements:

  • Adults with the history or diagnosis of mental illness
  • Homeless
  • Seek for housing for themselves

Sadly, the wait lists to get the help from these programs are quite long. It can take 12 months to wait for the help. Therefore, you should send your application immediately to get permanent housing assistance.

For more information about Community Resources, please call at 303-312-9679

Or, visit their office at 2100 Broadway, Denver, CO 80205.

If you want to know more about PATH, please contact 303-293-6506

Their office is 2100 Broadway, Denver, CO 80205.

Transitional Housing

This program is available to support lower income families. Even individuals who evicted recently can join in this program. The program provides skills training, financial literacy, and employment for the homeless. In addition, they provide credit repair. Once their clients are ready to move into the new house, they may require referrals to support government grant programs. Therefore, you can pay the housing costs.


You can even get help from BART. The Colorado Coalition for the homeless and Benefits Acquisition and Retention Team (BART) are available as your alternative. This program is available for those who are facing eviction, homelessness. In addition, it can be the solution to those expects to access the public benefits without interest loans. This program is available only to help the homeless with difficult and complicated issues.

What BART and staff do is to expedite the benefits acquisition process. Therefore, the application only takes 1 week. If there is no waiting list, they can include disability, food stamps, section 8, and others.

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Medical Care Services

In fact, homeless individuals will not get their health care because they have no access. They cannot afford the medical bills, prescription medications, and other medical treatments when they need it. To solve these problems, the Colorado Coalition for the homeless cooperates with clinics and doctors. Therefore, they can provide integrated healthcare support for the homeless children and individuals.

The staff in the clinic is physician assistants, registered nurses, volunteer doctors, nurse practitioners. Other than that, you can find medical assistants and case managers.

What they can do for you is to provide infection treatments, flu shots, and immunizations. Furthermore, they can provide wound care and comprehensive mental health services. Not only that, but they also support you to provide diabetes and hypertension care, prenatal and baby care. They can help you if you need prescription medications and dental care.

Those who are responsible to pay for the medical costs are the contributors and donators. They have these people from the local foundations, hospitals, medical community, clubs, and businesses. For example, they have pediatric medical care from the Stout Street Clinic. Other than that, they provide eye care to support free eyeglass adjustments and repairs. It is important to note that the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless Pharmacy provides limited free prescriptions and medications. For example, on some days they only provide 500 prescriptions. Their key partner is the University Of Colorado School Of Pharmacy.

Moreover, they provide dental care for the homeless. This service runs well with the help of a clinic’s dentists, dental students, and hygienists. In addition, they have some assistance from the University Of Colorado School Of Dentistry. Interestingly, they have free routine dental care, extractions, and cleanings, along with emergency treatment.

Mobile Clinic Denver Services

There is also A Mobile Clinic. They have a doctor and nurse practitioner stops at the shelters, churches, and even transitional housing site. In addition, they can stop at drop-in centers such as at Colfax Avenue motels or Denver. This clinic is available, thanks to the support of the Colorado Coalition for the homeless. They work together with charities and homeless service providers.

What they do with the mobile van is to provide medical exams. For example, they provide medications, diagnosis as well as the acute and chronic illness treatment. They can do pre-and post-natal treatment, general health care service, mental health evaluations, and others.

Their office is at 2111 Champa Street, Denver, Colorado 80205 and the Stout Street Clinic, 2100 Broadway, Denver, Colorado 80205. To get this Colorado Coalition for the homeless health care, please contact them at 303 293 2217.


In conclusion, the Colorado Coalition for the homeless is available in many options. Therefore, you should use your time wisely to join. If you really need a help, do not waste your time to contact them. In addition, register yourself immediately so they can help you. It can be your valuable opportunity that will not come twice. Once you think that you are eligible, apply for the program immediately.

Moreover, it is important to know that some programs have a long waiting period. In this condition, do not wait for them for checking your application. Instead, your time to apply for other programs.

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