Home Improvement Grants Wales: Things You Should Know About Home Improvement Grants

Wales Government has the mission to provide help for incapable persons and Welsh people who have low income and are in the need to perform home improvement or home repair project. The mission is executed with many programs of home improvement grants Wales. The Assembly government of Welsh gives financial assistance for people who are face incapability or have low income. The grants have the purpose to assist people to maintain their dwelling house and keep it in the standard amenities.

It is known that unhealthy house can cause the home owners to live unhealthy life. Poor homes are also not safe for home owners. After certain period of time, people will need to maintain their home to keep it in good and safe condition. The government encourages people to take care of their dwelling house and keep it in standard amenities. The government also recommends the society to take care of their house. For people who are living in Wales, you might want to learn about home improvement grants Wales since there is a possibility for you to get it from government of Wales.


If you are wondering on home improvement grants Wales, the most popular program is money grants for disabled people. Disabled people need special facility at their home. Adding or installing this facility might cost a lot of money. The home improvement grants are designed to help disabled people to get certain financial assistance so they can perform renovation project to accommodate and help their disability.

Another program of home improvement grants Wales is Social Housing Management Fund. The main purpose of the program is supporting housing management training. The fund does not arrive at your home in budget or materials form. Instead, it focuses on teaching or giving you knowledge on managing your house condition. The knowledge is very important to keep your family to stay healthy and safe as long as possible.

You can also find other home improvement grants Wales programs which you can use to keep the safety purposes and health care. To get these home improvement grants, you need to fulfill some basic requirements. The first requirement is people will be allowed to accept the grants for home repair and renovation only if their house is more than ten years old. Another condition to be allowed to receive the grant is your house is less than the standard age. It is allowed for you to perform home repair or home renovation for disabled people or for standard amenities purpose.

You might also find there are some home improvement grants Wales programs which have some requirements to be fulfilled not only before the home renovation process but also after the project is finished. The example of the requirement is keeping your house for private dwelling usage for at least five years. You cannot use your home for business purpose. The house owners also need to keep their house in a good condition. If you accept this grant, you need to be very careful and considerate in this matter. The main reason is that the council will send representative to monitor your house condition within five years.

  • Images: sustainablehomes.co.uk, homedesignalert.com, fhhoa.com