Foster Care Grants for Homes

Getting foster care grants for homes in the United States is possible! As you may have expected, money is a big part of creating a group home for these foster children. That is why we are writing this post to help any organization or community out there who are looking for some financial aid to help them creating foster homes.

Foster Care Grants for Homes Sources

Below are some of the possible sources:

State Foster Care Organizations

There are many organizations spread throughout the United States that specialize on foster care. The first step to get that financial help would be contacting these organizations. Typically, there are foster care organizations in every State. While most of them don’t provide grants directly, they do have some contacts to important parties that may be able to help. You can also contact your Department of Social Service or United Way 211 to seek for more information.

Foster Care Title IV-E Foster Home Grants

The government offers the Foster Care Title IV-E Foster Home Grants program which award money can be used for training. This training is hoped to create a better foster parents or foster home workers that can provide good physical and mental service that can help the children. Unfortunately, the grant money cannot be used for other purposes such as social assistance programs, etc. The government accepts grant applications every three months.


Chafee Foster Care Grants

Another government-funded program is this Chafee Foster Care Grants. Administered by the Department of Health and Social Services, the program can provide some help in creating foster care homes for children who have a high chance of living in a foster home until they grow up. It is also a program that can help providing counseling service, occupational training, and other educational resources. The grant application deadline is on June.

The Dr. Phil Foundation

Organizations that are struggling for money to build foster care homes can try contacting Dr. Phil Foundation. Depending on your need, the foundation may be able to help you financially, in which awards are given in the range of $10k to $100k. However, this foundation doesn’t have a specific program for the cause. Just prepare and submit your grant proposal after you contact the foundation and explained your case.

Freddie Mac Foster Home Grants

There’s a program from this foundation that provide financial help for foster care homes. The amount of money received from the program is up to $50,000. That said, for some special cases the foundation may be willing to give more than that. Aside of providing financial aid for creating a stable environment for the children, the program also provides help in finding foster parents for the children, provide education assistance for bright children, etc. There are various grant categories available, such as General Operating Support Grants and Capacity Building grants.

Remember, while it is true that money plays an important role in creating the home for these foster kids, taking care of these kids requires more than just financial strength. The people involved have to have a great compassion and a lot of patience. I hope you get good information about home foster care grants here. Don’t forget to add comments under and share your thoughts.


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