Government Grants for CDL Training

Government Grants for CDL Training – There are several ways for you to finance your CDL training. One of the most sought after options is to have grants for CDL training. The CDL training and trucking school in general is a good way for backing up your trucking career.

As you may have known, trucking is one of a few careers that offer continuous opportunities. That opportunity will only grow if you are to have a trucking and shipping relevant education and training. Another huge benefit of having proper education and training is that you have the ability to bargain competitive wage for your service.

In the long run, having good trucking training and education will contribute to your financial stability. It is a common knowledge that good companies prefer to employ truck drivers with a degree or certificate. However, one of the main problems for many future students is the cost of school and training.

The education cost in United States is expensive; the same goes to trucking schools or trainings such as CDL training. Fortunately, there are several Federal grants for CDL training or trucking school available. There are basically two types of government grants offered based on its funding source, which are the Federal grant and State grant. But where can one find such grants?


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The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) is the first source of grant you should look for. This program offers financial aid for trainings, including CDL trainings for people in many industry fields. Just like many other government-based assistance programs, the WIA program prefers individuals who are in financial need. There are two phases of review, therefore it is advisable that you keep everything on the record and store it somewhere safe, so that when the guys from WIA program call you, you are prepared.

Another good source to finance your education is from the Pell Grant. Although many people tend to think that the Pell Grant is only available for the standard undergraduate programs, students of truck driving schools can also apply for this grant. The eligibility of this grant is determined by the Free Application for Student Aid. You need to complete the form online, and from there your eligibility is determined.

The amount of award for this grant is up to $4000 each semester, for up to 12 semester. Pell Grant recipients are usually eligible for many other Federal grants from the U.S. Department of Education. There are also a bunch of companies-based scholarships and grants that base their preference on the Pell Grant. The FAFSA will also determine whether you are eligible for PLUS LOAN, Stafford Loan, and Work Study Programs.

Meanwhile, there is another opportunity from State-based programs. Make sure to visit the to get more information about which grant opportunities available for your State. You can also seek information in race-based bureau in United States for the grant. For example, the Bureau of Indian Education provides various grants for descendants of Native Americans.

The list above is still limited to government grants for CDL school. There are many other possible sources of financial aid, such as private companies programs, etc.


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