Free School Supplies for Low Income Families

Free School Supplies for Low Income Families – Many low-income families have a difficulty to get school supplies for their children when new school year is approaching. The cost of education these days can be quite ridiculous. Parents have to prepare extra money for school clothes, books, and other supplies so that the kids can learn properly at school. Is there any program that offers free school supplies for low-income students? We have gathered some information that is related to this matter; hopefully this info can be of use.

Free School Supplies for Low Income Families Programs

Programs for Military Families

People who serve in the US Armed Forces and other US military organizations have many benefits from the government and several organizations. One good example of this is the Fort Campbell Operation Homefront program. This program provides school supplies and backpacks for children of service members of the military forces with ranks E1 – E6. The organization has several branches, and it is wise to contact your city’s Red Cross Organization for information about free school supplies too because sometimes the Red Cross Organization also works together with the Fort Campbell organization.


Free School Supplies from National / Local Organizations

The best chance of getting free school supplies would be from your local organization. These organizations often provide free tutoring, free backpacks, and free supplies for students from needy families. In most programs, you need to show some documents that can prove that you really have a low income. One example of this kind of organization would be the Alameda Education Foundation (

Another good example is the Kids in Need Foundation ( This one is a national non-profit organization that has already helped lots of children from low-income families. They work by coordinating with teachers in areas where the number of low-income students is high. The teachers will then distribute the supplies for these students in need. It is the teacher’s duty to apply for the program, not the family. If approved, the teacher can order free school supplies at the request of the student’s family.

To find the local educational organization or nonprofits near you, you can contact the Department of Education office, United Way 211 (, or your state’s Department of Social Services.

Tax-free shopping

In one weekend in August, there are 17 states that provide tax-free shopping services. Although this is not a free school supply program, you get to buy the supplies cheaper! Only a handful of products get this treatment, and one of them is school supplies. Other products that are tax-free include shoes, computers, and clothing. We urge you to contact your state Tax Administrator to learn more about this opportunity!

Stores that offer free school supplies

You can also get free school supplies or discounted school supplies from major retailers for office things such as Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot. These three stores often issue various promotions throughout the year, and it is often that they will release school supplies-related promotions when the new school year approaches. The scheme varies, but it often involves minimum purchase, rebate, or pairing products. Go to these stores weekly or call them for information!


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