Get Grants and Scholarships for Muslim College Students in the U.S.

Higher education continues to rise, and hundreds of students seek financial aid to study further. So yes, to support their educational goals, there are different scholarships for Muslim college students in the U.S.

Plus, there are loans and grants to support all of them! Choosing the right financial aid can affect the degree seekers’ financial future. Indeed, for many Muslim college students, financial aid is a moral dilemma as well!

So, here is how students can secure sufficient educational funding while observing Islamic prohibition against Riba.


Scholarships for Muslim students

We will help you understand how to choose financial aid that does not require repayment. All the below-stated scholarships can effectively help Muslim students to finance their college education fees entirely. Yes, you can choose to reduce your pocket expenses to minimize loans. So, many organizations sponsor Muslim college students.

  • Amana Mutual Funds Scholarship

It provides one of the most practical help for Muslim students for scholarships. Indeed, the organization is one of the several Islamic societies in North America. It effectively grants scholarships for many Muslim students. If the student is a discipline of economics, finance, and mathematics major, they can get help here.

Moreover, applying is straightforward. And you have to demonstrate your financial engagement with the Muslim community. Indeed to explore more, visit the official site-

  • Avicenna Scholars Program

It is one of the best scholarships for high school juniors. It is a Muslim scholarship program that provides financial support for students. Plus, you may also get internship and mentorship opportunities. The organization both incorporates merit-based and need-based criteria. Indeed, this program seeks majorly those applicants who showcase leadership potential.

  • Aziz Jamaluddin Scholarship

The Aziz Jamaluddin Scholarship aims to promote accurate media portrayals. It supports Muslim college students enrolled in undergraduate and graduates political science and journalism programs. Indeed, to apply for this program, you should have a minimum CGPA of 3.5. And should effectively showcase your financial need to complete your educational goals.

  • Barakat International Scholarship

Here, you get several funding opportunities. The Barakat Trust awards program aims to support all Islamic Arts, Archeology, Architecture, and material culture. Also, the Barakat International Studentship funds students who are pursuing master levels programs.

  • Dr.Abdulmunim A. Shakir Scholarship

The Dr.Abdulmunim A. Shakir Scholarship is best for incoming first-year college students who are pursuing any majors. It belongs to one of the Islamic Society of North America Scholarship for Muslim students. Yes, the application criteria are that the applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Plus, you need to demonstrate your financial need to pursue higher studies.

  • Islamic Scholarship Fund

These include ISF awards have multiple annual scholarships for Muslim college students in politics or media-related majors. As an applicant, you should have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and have senior, junior, and graduate standing.

  • Plainfield Muslim Women for Better Society Scholarship

It is one of the best Muslim student scholarships which provides financial support for Indiana high school seniors. They are highly active in helping the students. The applicants should at least have a 3.5 GPA and be willing to declare a human services-related major.

  • The Fidel Educational Foundation

Those Muslim students who are pursuing graduate and undergraduate can apply for Fadel Educational Foundation grants. To apply for it, the student must submit financial documents, essays discussing their career goals, religious practices, and recommendations.

So, now knowing the organizations that help you get the scholarships, how to increase the chances of getting one. Indeed, landing the right scholarship opportunity is vital for a promising financial future. So, here are the quick things you need to fix to submit your application.

Land with the Right Scholarship for your education

  • Look for better ways to diversify your application

The scholarship committee should find your application unique in the hundreds of them! So, make an outstanding application with various diversifications, including hobbies, experiences, and qualities.

  • Check the application requirements wisely

The best thing is to read the application requirements actively. If you start the application process early, you can get enough time to review it later.

  • Know and use your resources well

If you can leverage your existing connections to get the scholarship of your choice, it can yield better results. As an applicant, you must enjoy more than one support resource.

  • Beforehand know what to avoid

Always ensure you have gone through the eligibility criteria for any application. Plus, exercising skepticism about scholarships can be a good idea towards scholarships.

The bottom line

So, with the above-stated scholarships for Muslim students, you can plan your educational goals better. Utilize your resources sufficiently to gain a higher chance of landing to right one.

Start your scholarship program now for a great leap!