Ohio Veterans Bonus Program

Ohio Veterans Bonus – Veterans living in Ohio can now have additional benefits from the Ohio state, as the state government decided to go through with the Veterans Bonus Program. It’s a special program dedicated to providing a small amount of cash to thank the Ohio veterans for all of their blood and sweat during the conflict era.

How much will I receive?

The amount of bonus received by each veteran differs depending on the duration they serve an active duty, along with the location where they were assigned. For example, veterans who served in Afghanistan, Iraq, or the Persian Gulf may receive about $100 for each month they are there. There may be other conditions that made the veteran eligible for additional bonuses. That being said, it is true that there’s a maximum benefit, though. The maximum bonus received is $1,500.


Who can receive the Ohio Veterans Bonus Program?

Former active duty members of U.S. Armed Forces (U.S. Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, etc) coming from Ohio are eligible for the program. In addition, members of Ohio National Guard members are also eligible (with certain criteria). It is important to remember that applicants should be the residents of Ohio when they are on their active duty, and they should reside in Ohio when they are applying for the Ohio veteran bonus program. If you have received a similar bonus money from other state, you are automatically ineligible for the program.

Other eligibility requirements include the honorable separation from the Armed Forces, participate as a reserve component of the armed forces after their active duty, etc. There’s also a timeline for a specific active duty location, which include:

  1. Serving in Iraq (active duty members who serves on March 19, 2003 to date)
  2. Serving in Afghanistan (active duty members who serves on October 7, 2001 to date)
  3. Serving in Persian Gulf (active duty members who serves between August 2, 1990 and March 3, 1991)

In all three locations, the maximum bonus received should be no more than $1,000. They may receive additional bonus (up to $500 for 10 months) if they served in other locations.

Meanwhile, the deceased veterans are also eligible for the Ohio veteran’s bonus program. The money will be handed to the family of the deceased. The compensation for the family is $5,000. Please ensure that the deceased meet the eligibility criteria before applying. The same amount of money is also given for soldiers who are missing in action, or become a war prisoner.

How to claim the Ohio Veterans Bonus

Claiming the bonus takes about eight weeks in time. However, it may be faster or longer depending on the number of applications the veteran office received at that time. Before you apply, it is wise to be ready. There are several documents needed to be prepared beforehand, including:

  • DD-214 form that includes blocks 23-30
  • A proof that the active duty member reside in Ohio at the start of the service
  • Current Ohio residency proof

Note: the residency proof can be proven using utility bills, pay stub, mortgage statement, Ohio’s driver license, tax records, or other documents you find necessary. Note that there may be additional documents needed if the veterans are medically discharged, deceased, or missing in action.

If you’re interested to apply for the bonus, you can fulfill the online application at the official website of Ohio Veterans benefits bonus program in our reference sections. You can also use toll-free 1-877-OHIO VET (1-877-644-6838) phone number to contact the administration office by phone, or you can simply visit your local County Veterans Service Office.

We sincerely hope that this post can be your useful guide to get your Ohio money for veterans!


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