Financial Assistance for Cataract Surgery

Getting financial assistance for cataract surgery is very important for needy people. Since cataract is a pretty common condition in older people, there are many state and federal resources, as well as nonprofit organizations or foundations that can provide help for people with vision problems that come from low income family. This post will provide some information about this, and hopefully you can qualify for a cheap or often free cataract surgery.

financial help for cataract surgery financial assistance for cataract surgery

List of Financial Assistance for Cataract Surgery

Federal and state programs

Medicare is a federal program that is given for older people and those with disabilities. If you are over 65 years of age and have retired and have a low income, you may qualify for the Medicare benefits, including low-cost or free cataract surgery. There’s also the Medicaid program that can cover people less than 65 years of age, but you have to be somebody with a very low income. The Medicaid is a state program, so the policy may differ in each state in the country. We recommend you to contact the Medicare and Medicaid agency to learn about the possibility.

The second alternative is to seek help from a social worker, which you can find in your state’s Department of Health and Human Services (or equivalent department). Arrange an appointment with the social worker, and explain your conditions. He or she will provide you with several options you can try to cover for the cost of cataract surgery. Most of the time the social worker also have information about the local-based or state-based events or clinics that offer charity services that can help you.

Nonprofit Foundations and Organizations

Beside getting help from the government, you can also look for assistance with cataract surgery from various nonprofit organizations and foundations that are dedicated to help low-income people. Below are some of the available opportunities:

Mission Cataract USA is a great program for people who are unable to finance their cataract surgery. The Volunteer Eye Surgeons’ Association coordinates the program. This is an annual program that is held once a year. Make a call to 1-800-343-7265 to learn about their schedule. Note that usually the program is started around May.

EyeCare America can provide comprehensive eye exams and care (which may include cataract surgery) for eligible people. Senior citizens are prioritized. They provide the services for a very low cost and sometimes even for free. Make a call to 1-800-222-EYES (3937) to learn more about the eligibility.

Meanwhile, uninsured, low-income workers can benefit from the Vision USA program. Just like the EyeCare America, this one also give out free eye care, or at least at a very reduced cost. Contact their line at 1-800-766-4466.

Last but not least, there’s the Lions Clubs International that provide financial assistance for eye care, including cataract surgery. Visit their website to learn more about this financial aid and how you can locate one that is close to your place.


Aside of the mentioned sources above, there are several other foundations and organizations provide financial help for cataract surgery, including National Keratonocus Assistance Foundation, Knights Templar Eye Foundation, etc.

Don’t worry, you can find aids and cataract surgery payment help in the United States!

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