Low Cost Cataract Surgery

Getting a low cost cataract surgery is possible, under the right circumstances. Cataract is one of the most common eye problems in the world, and it is a very common condition found in older people. This condition is basically a lens clouding in the eye that affects your ability to see things clearly.

Statistically speaking, nearly one in every four people whose age is between 65 and 69 has developed cataracts. The prevalence of this condition increases along with age. For example, people who are 75 to 79 years old have 50 (one in every two) chance of having cataracts. These numbers came from the 2010 survey conducted by the National Eye Institute of United States.

If you compare the cost of cataract surgery to other surgery types in a hospital, it is considerably cheaper. That said, the cost of standard cataract surgery with no insurance could cost you $2,700 per eye. If you need a more advanced procedure (for example, with correcting lenses procedure or presbyopia), the cost of the surgery can be around $4,300 or more. These prices aren’t very affordable for some people, especially those who have retired and not working anymore.


Free or Low Cost Cataract Surgery

Where to Get Low Cost Cataract Surgery

Medicare and Medicaid

To get the low cost cataract surgery, we recommend you to contact your state’s Department of Health and Human Services and ask if you are eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. Getting Medicare and Medicaid is a huge help, especially for older people. For your information, the Medicare is a Federal program given to people with disabilities and older people, while the Medicaid is a state-based program for low-income people.

Although the Medicaid’s coverage may vary from state to state, typically these two programs can assist you in getting a low cost cataract surgery by covering around 80% of the total cost. There are some technical issues (such as you have to meet your annual deductible payment) but in general the procedure is not that complicated. One thing to remember is that Medicare cover standard cataract surgery, so if you are planning to get presbyospia surgery you will have to pay the extra cost.

Nonprofits and Charities

Aside of the federal and state program, you can seek assistance from various nonprofits and charities in the United States.

The Mission Cataract USA is a great program that provides free cataract surgery, which is usually done once a year. The members of Volunteer Eye Surgeons’ Association volunteer this program, and typically, the event is held in May. Call 1-800-343-7265 for more information.

Another good event is the VISION USA. This program provides free eye care, which may include cataract surgery for low-income workers and those who are uninsured. The screening process is usually performed in January, and the examination will follow. Make a call to 1-800-766-4466 and ask how you can apply.

There’s also the National Eye Institute that supports the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation if eye diseases, including cataract. Meanwhile, you can get a similar chance by contacting the Lions Clubs International, The Knights Temporal Eye Foundation ((217) 523-3838), etc.

I hope this post can help you get the low cost cataract surgery you need!

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