Financial Help for Stroke Victims

Financial Help for Stroke Victims – Stroke attack degree varies between people. Some are lucky enough to get mild stroke, which only requires a few days of treatment in the hospital while some other aren’t so lucky and they have to face a worse case of scenario.

People experiencing worse case of stroke attack often have to deal with months or years of rehabilitation before they can regain control of their body. The treatment is usually performed in either the hospital (as an outpatient), at a nursing home, or at the patient’s home.


Financial Help for Stroke Victims – The Options

Needless to say, there are several additional expenses that follow. These expenses often force the family to spend more than they can afford, making the financial situation getting worse each month. It is true that some victims can rely on their health insurance, but there are others who don’t even have one. Therefore, it is clear that stroke victims that comes from low-income families need financial help, and we’re here to help.

Below are some options for financial assistance for stroke victims:

Social Security Disability

If prior to the stroke attack you worked long enough to contribute to the Social Security program, you may be qualified for the Social Security Disability Insurance. This will help you cover the cost of medical expenses and you may also get additional financial assistance. The Social Security Administration also has another program called the Supplemental Security Income Program, which is provided exclusively for people with low income. To learn about both programs, we recommend you to contact your state’s SSA office.

AARP Foundation

AARP Foundation is the charity foundation of AARP. There were two programs that were able to help people with disability, including stroke. Unfortunately, one ff them has become unavailable now. That said, you can still apply for their AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program; which can help low-income people (especially the seniors) with their basic needs by helping them with their tax services (such as tax deductions and tax credits).


Although there’s not a specific program provided by Medicare or Medicaid that comes in the form of financial aid, the program can really help you cope with the cost of the stroke treatment. The policy of Medicare may differ in each state, so it would be a great idea to contact your local Medicare office to learn about the eligibility, requirements, and benefits offered.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Again, this one isn’t a direct financial assistance, but this option can reduce your expenses in pharmaceutical medicines. Two major websites dedicate their effort to help people in need (especially those with low income) to have access to various assistance programs from various pharmaceutical companies. These websites are the NeedyMeds and the RxAssist.

There are many different ways to save money when you are disabled with stroke. You can go to local universities and visit their clinics for affordable therapies, or you can apply for clinical study related to stroke offered by hospitals or universities.

As you can see, getting direct financial help for stroke victims is possible from the SSA, but it is also wise to consider the options we’ve mentioned earlier to cover your expenses.


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