Tips On Adding A Paypal Donation Button On Your Fundraising Website:

Prior to setting up a pay donation button on your website, there are numerous factors that need to be considered. Few things like rich content, efficient story-telling, quality photos and videos narrating your fundraising cause, and the purpose served till now should be clearly stated to attract funds.

Once you have given the necessary contents for your fundraising website, the next step is to set up a PayPal donation button on the site.

To set up the donation button, sign up in the PayPal donation account and follow the guidelines on the PayPal donation web-page. Soon you will obtain the code linking your website to the PayPal donation account. Once the code is set up, the donation button will auto-appear. Whenever your website visitor clicks on the donation button, he/she will be redirected to the PayPal account, where they can make donations.

The donations made by the website visitors will be deposited in the bank account you choose during the PayPal setup process.

It may be sometimes tricky to add a PayPal button manually through its website; therefore, it is advised to use WordPress plugins otherwise.


In this blog, we will discuss how to create a PayPal word button using a WordPress plugin named PayPal donations.

The very first step starts by installing and activating the plugin.

Now once the plugin is active, go to settings, followed by PayPal donation. After that, enter the email id that you used to create your PayPal account.

In order to say thank you, go to the optional settings and create a thank you page using a plugin called seedpro and enter the URL in the Return Page Box.

Now you will be redirected to the default section page, wherein you enter your amount, purpose, and reference of donation.

Once all changes are made, click on the save changes button!

Administrative Costs: Initially, setting up your donation account with PayPal does not charge you anything, but once you start receiving funds, a small amount of fees is deducted.

Using Plugin: 

Depending upon the platform you choose for hosting your website/ blog domain, the plugin can be decided. Suppose, if you are hosting your website in the WordPress domain, select your WordPress plugin accordingly. Now the PayPal button will appear on the sidebar instead of the top and can be customized with text and other settings.

Benefits of Adding a PayPal button:

PayPal is acceptable widely across the U.S and in almost all countries worldwide.

The amount of service charge is also less and is a reliable mode of collecting funds.

Its advanced features enable quick traceability of donors and the funds donated.

It is trustworthy, simple to use, and convenient to transfer money.

It ensures a high degree of safety and conceals the credit card, banking, and other sensitive details from the third party.

Collecting Funds: Whenever visitors are attracted to your fundraising website and are impressed by your contribution to community building, people are interested in donating. Therefore installing the PayPal donation button right on your website can turn prospects into potential clients and enables quick collection of funds before the prospects get distracted.

Potential message: We have already seen on many blogging websites: “Buy me a coffee” or “donate” in the Call to Action button. These messages are a clear indication that we need funds to survive or contribute better to the cause. Try your own customized message/ punch line for your fundraising portal and place it near the donation button. It helps in attracting more donations, and each cause you support could be catered to in a different way.

Apart from attracting donations to support any noble cause, there are other costs incurred that are related to the website itself. Maintaining website-related costs would include bandwidth, domain name, and webspace. Furthermore, the website needs to be enriched with a plethora of content related to any specific cause (e.g., disaster-relief support), which would include photographs, videos, and blogs. When you are creating content and updating it on a regular basis, it needs writers and other common expenses going parallel.


Long story short! Creating a PayPal account is not at all a daunting task, as all you need is a bank credit card, authorized email id, a valid bank account, and guidelines. PayPal account is globally accepted and safe for both donors and fundraisers as its special encrypted software prevents any kind of fraudulent activities. Again, it is flexible and beginner-friendly, and one can use it without the need to maintain a zero account balance.