College Grants For African American Males

College Grants For African American Males for college are considered as a type of minority financial assistance. As you know, it seems like it’s almost impossible to get through college without some type of financial aid, whether it’s scholarships, fellowships, grants or loans.

Typically, every college would like to diversify their student. That’s why they often provide grants for non–Caucasian students, including African–American students.

College Grants For African American Males And Females

Here are some college grants for African American students, both males and females available for you:

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

This respectable organization has been around for a long time. Hence, the main goal remains the same: improving the educational advancement of African American. This is one of the most influential organizations in terms of African American higher education in the US. Aside of African American Males college grants, the organization also provides scholarships and fellowships programs.

They have mass supporters backing up the organization’s funding, so there are quite a lot of grants or another financial aid available. However, since they are also the most well-known organization that provides financial help for African American students, the competition is quite fierce. Their grant program is –of course– based on the financial need.


The National Black Nurses Association

This association provides grants ranging from $500 to $2,000 for nursing students in a four-year nursing program. Besides, the additional requirement includes membership of the local Black Nurses Association in your state, two letters of recommendation, and an essay.

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

There are minority grants available from the AICPA in order to diversify people in their careers. The grants are typically based on both financial needs also academic merit. Contact your state AICPA office to learn more about the eligibility and the requirements for this program.

There are other grant awards available if you do a simple search on the search engine. We recommend searching for a grant that is based on your current major.

COMTO Philadelphia Chapter Scholarship

The COMTO Philadelphia Chapter Scholarship provides financial assistance of $3,000. This deserves minority students residing in the Philadelphia Region (excluding the Maryland portion) with an interest in the transportation industry and related fields. So, this scholarship program aligns with COMTO’s mission of promoting, increasing, and expanding the involvement of minorities in transportation.

Scholarships are available to students at all academic levels, as long as they self-identify as a minority, reside in the Greater Philadelphia area (excluding the Maryland portion), and are pursuing a career in transportation. To apply, students must complete the scholarship application, provide proof of citizenship, respond to the current year’s essay question, submit two letters of recommendation, and provide an official school transcript if applicable. The number of scholarship recipients may vary annually.

BLK Men in Tech Scholars

The BLK Men in Tech Scholars Program offers scholarships to support the education and career advancement of future Black leaders in the technology field. The program provides various scholarships, including the Pathfinder Scholarship for high school seniors intending to major in a technology-related field and the Trailblazer Scholarship for current undergraduate students majoring in a technology-related field.

To be eligible, applicants must submit a completed application, transcript, and one letter of recommendation for high school seniors, or two letters for current undergraduates. They also need to provide proof of enrollment or acceptance. The BLK Men in Tech Scholars Program aims to build a network of Black men and allies dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for current and future tech leaders to succeed in this dynamic industry.

CBC Ally Financial Public Policy Scholars Program

The CBC Ally Financial Public Policy Scholars Program, sponsored by Ally Financial, offers scholarships to African American or Black undergraduate students pursuing degrees in public policy, economic development, and civic engagement.

Eligible applicants must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents enrolled full-time as sophomores or juniors at accredited colleges or universities. They should demonstrate a strong commitment to public policy, show leadership qualities, and be actively involved in their communities.

Selected candidates will receive scholarships to support their academic pursuits and contribute to their development as future leaders in public policy and related fields.

The Achievers in Technology Program

The Achievers in Technology Program offers scholarships to six students, each worth $2,000. To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be entering a United States college or university as a first-year student in the upcoming academic year.
  • Show interest in pursuing a tech career, which are: Software Engineering; Product Management; Data Science; Information Security; Project/Program Management; Networking; or Database Administration.
  • Be of African descent.
  • Demonstrate financial need.

Sankofatech’s Achievers in Technology (AIT) program is a comprehensive four-year scholarship and mentorship initiative designed to cultivate the next generation of African technology professionals in the United States. So, applicants will be notified of the final decision by July.

African-American Students Financial Assistance Options from Colleges

Students born after the equal rights movement may not notice this, but there are actually some colleges and universities that were founded for African American. These so-called Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) are pretty significant in numbers. Howard University, Spelman University, and Morehouse College are a few of them. The total numbers? Over 100.

Below are some examples of financial assistance opportunities for African–American students from these colleges:

Howard University

This university offers some scholarships also grant programs based on academic merit. Besides, it offers several other grant opportunities from various foundations, including the Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Program and Frederick Douglass Scholars Program.

Morehouse College

This university is known for its grants which are based on three categories: individual program fields, academic excellence, and athletic merits. Also, Morehouse College is pretty expensive, in which you need around $18,000 per year for the tuition. Therefore, it is only natural that nine out of ten students are accepting financial aid.

Other Alternatives

Note that this list hasn’t included government grants such as the Federal Pell Grant and the FSEOG grant. We highly recommend you to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to see if you’re eligible for the Pell Grant. Moreover, eligibility in Pell Grant will smooth your way to getting other grants.


African American scholarships offer financial support to African American and Black students seeking higher education. These scholarships aim to assist and motivate African American students in overcoming financial obstacles and reaching their academic aspirations. Furthermore, these can be awarded based on factors such as: academic achievement, leadership qualities, community engagement, and financial need.

Available to undergraduates, graduates, and those pursuing professional degrees or certificates, these scholarships help cover expenses like tuition, books, housing, and more. Tailored to the African American and Black community, these scholarships foster diversity, inclusivity, and equal educational opportunities. Also, they alleviate the burden of student debt and contribute to a fairer society.

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