Scholarships for College Sophomores

Scholarships for College Sophomores – Funding your college education is hard. While many students rely on student loan, we believe that scholarship is the best way to go to cover your education fees. Today we are going to discuss four types of grant or scholarships for college sophomores.

There are many scholarship providers that take second-year students seriously because they can see the result of these students in their first year of college. It is common that students who weren’t on the top list as a scholarship receiver in their high school ended up getting one when they’ve become a college sophomore.

Academic Scholarships for College Sophomores

The scholarships or grants money can be used for various things, like buying books, funding a project, and also unexpected expenses. Just make sure that you use the money in the right way. Don’t spend them aimlessly.

Sophomores have an equal chance to get any undergraduate grant or scholarship program. These programs can be divided into four main categories, including:

  1. Grants from the Government a.k.a. Federal Grants
  2. General Grants or Scholarships
  3. Demographic-based Scholarships
  4. Scholarships based on Major

Scholarships for College Sophomores – Federal Grants

List of Federal Grants available for undergraduate students, including college sophomores are the Federal Pell Grant (for low-income undergraduate students, based on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA), Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (for those with exceptional financial need, based on FAFSA and the amount is between $100 and $4,000 per year).

The Academic Competitiveness Grant also falls into this category. Students with academic merit in their first or second year of school and get the Federal Pell Grant are eligible for this grant.  The National SMART Grant (Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent) is another Federal grant that is given to students who are currently studying science, computer, math, technology and engineering and are awarded the Pell Grant. Last but not least, the TEACH grant is a $4000 grant for those who promise to teach in the elementary or secondary school for low-income students.

Scholarships for College Sophomores – General and Demographic Scholarships

The general scholarships and grants include the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship (Big scholarship for transferring undergraduate from community college to a 4-year institution), and The Blogging Scholarship ($1000, awarded annually for college students with unique blogs)

In demographic-based scholarships, we found the Islamic Scholarship Fund, which is given to Muslim undergraduate students with Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, Law, or Humanities major. There’s also the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s Scholarship Program aimed for minority high school students with financial needs. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund is aimed for those who are from Hispanic or Latino descent. Unmarried children of the current, retired or deceased military members are eligible for the Fisher House Foundation grant.