Youth Football Equipment Grants

There are many youth football clubs are searching for youth football equipment grants. Football is a rough game, and, understandably, parents whose children are in youth football leagues demand sufficient protection gear for their children. The youth football club also needs some training equipment and other supporting items.

Grants play an important role in the development of football in the United States. The grants ensure that American youngsters who have an interest in playing this rough sport can play properly. In a way, this type of grant supports the American football community by making sure new buds of talent can continue to thrive.

Most of the grants are available from companies and corporations that are directly related to the football industry, for example, the equipment suppliers and also football associations. In this post, we will uncover several options you can try submitting your grant application to.


Youth Football Grants for Equipment

Youth Football Equipment Grants Provider

USA Football Equipment Grants

People who know football all their life should be familiar with the USA Football. It is the football national governing organization. Needless to say, one of the main objectives of this organization is to maintain and develop the exposure and interest of this sport in the youngsters of America. They are currently offering youth football equipment grants for organizations and schools that require funding for their youth football programs. The grant varies between $1,000 and $1,500, and the grant opportunity opens every spring. It is important to note that the eligible organization would have to have a 501C3 status from the IRS.

NFL Foundation.Org

The NFL Foundation works together with USA Football to provide several grants that can be used to support the youth football programs. The fund you’ve received can be used for almost anything, as long as it’s related to youth football. This means that you can use the grant to buy equipment for youth programs. The grant award amount is between $1,000 and $4,000, and they are provided annually.

Field Turf Football Field Grants

There are several companies related to football that provides grants, but the Field Turf is one of the most well-known grant makers. For your information, this company provides artificial turf or grass system in stadiums, including football stadiums. They are one of the biggest players in United States, which is proven by the amount of facilities that use their service. This company works together with USA Football and they provide 8 grants available with significant amount of money in it. You can consider applying for the grant if you are prepared to make a new football facility in your local area. If accepted, this company will provide $50,000 that can be used to buy equipment, among many other things. It is important to know that the grant applicants have to own or have a 10 year lease of the land.

There are several other grants available online, but in general I want you to remember that the competition is hard for every grant. After all, it is free money that you don’t have to repay. Make sure you carefully create an interesting and meaningful proposal, and I am sure you can win those youth football equipment grants.


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