Tattoo Removal for Ex-Gang Members

Tattoo Removal for Ex-Gang Members – Removing tattoos of ex-gang members often gives a better chance of getting a real job. As you may have already realized, not everyone in a gang will have a permanent career in this illegal field. It is often that encouragement from loved ones and family makes many gang members realize their mistake, and then try to get a decent profession.

However, getting a job is easier said than done, especially if these ex-gang members have visible gang tattoos. Employers are often strict about this because an employee with visible tattoos may scare off customers or give a negative impression of the company. You can argue all you want, but the fact is that gangster-related tattoos are not welcomed in the workplace. It is arguably job discrimination, but if you think about it from the perspective of the employer, they have good reasons to give preference to those without tattoos (for the reasons we’ve mentioned above).


Tattoo Removal for Ex-Gang Members Programs

Removing tattoos is harder than getting one because it uses a more complicated process. Typically the pigment of the ink is broken down using laser treatment gradually, and it usually takes several sessions until the tattoo is removed completely. The cost is pretty steep, but there are many organizations that provide free tattoo removal for ex-gang members, although with some limitations.

For example, there’s the Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles. This is the biggest tattoo removal service in the United States, serving more than 900 cases per month. But you may be surprised to hear that even with more than 30 volunteer doctors; there are 3-9 months of waiting list! It’s all free, by the way. Typically ex-gang members who have visible gang-related tattoos are prioritized.

In Los Angeles, there’s the Providence Holy Cross Medical Center Tattoo Removal Program. This one gives free service to remove gang-affiliated, visible tattoos from ex-gang members. Those who want to have their tattoos removed must agree to do community service or attend school.

Another good service is the free tattoo removal program from Washington Hospital. The first one is called the New Start, available for free for those who are under 25 years of age and who agree to do 50 hours of community service. Meanwhile, the hospital also provides help for those who are older than 25 years old, but with a one-time fee (which is usually affordable) and 25 hours of community service as the price.

Ex-gang members living in Dallas can take benefit from the Dallas Tattoo Removal Clinic, providing free tattoo removal for teenagers who are under 17 and cheap service for those who are older. Interestingly, they have mobile clinics too in some cities.

If you are living in Virginia, there’s the Make a Change program, available for people under 29 years of age. Before receiving the first service, the applicant must cut the ties with the gang for at least six months and have completed 20 hours of community service. The service is not free, but it is definitely cheap. What’s great is that they provide free services for youngsters who are under 21.

You can search for similar tattoo removal for ex-gang members in your area by contacting the police department, probation department, or the mayor’s office.