Where to Find Scholarships for Native Americans

Native Americans have every right to get higher education; therefore there are many private organizations that provide scholarships for Native Americans to increase this underrepresented minority in the United States’ education. Moreover, the federal and state governments could also be a great source for getting financial aid. Note that most of the scholarships are aimed for smart students with confirmed financial need.

Of course, each of the scholarship requirements may differ from one another. Therefore, this time we will give you some of the scholarship providers in the United States that focus on giving financial help for native American students.

Scholarships for Native Americans in College

Scholarships for Native Americans Opportunities

As you know, scholarship is another form of free money that you can use for your education. It is a bit similar with grants, but in general, the grants are given solely based on your current financial condition.

There are currently two scholarship programs offered by the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR). The first one is the Frances Crawford Marvin American Indian Scholarship. You have to have at least 3.0 average grades and provide some proof that you have Native American blood. The second one is the American Indian Scholarship program is more like a grant. Eligible students will receive one time $1,000 financial aid, as long as you can confirm that you have American Indian blood and have at least 2.7 average grades. http://www.dar.org/national-society/scholarships/american-indian

Meanwhile, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (http://www.aises.org/) provide various opportunities for American Indian students. They too offer various programs, which include A.T. Anderson Scholarship ($1,000), AISES Environmental Protection Agency Scholarship ($4,000) and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation Scholarship ($2,500).

There are several other reputable sources for this kind of scholarship. Perhaps one of the most reliable options is to search for scholarship opportunities from native American tribes. You need to show that you are indeed a member of that tribe, and you may also need to provide some evidences about your current average grades.

Some of the scholarships and grants that can be included in this category are: Menominee Indian Tribe Adult Vocational Training Program, Yakima Nation Tribal Scholarship, the Northern Arapaho Tribal Scholarship, Hopi Tribe Priority Scholarship, etc. Usually, grants and scholarships from these tribes are prioritized to those in need. The grade requirement is not as strict as many people expected.

However, the opportunity is not limited to the list above. There are still two ways you can try to get the scholarships that is specifically aimed towards Native Americans. First is to ask that specific college you’re attending about the available programs that support American Indian descendants.

Last but not least, you may want to try seeking help from the government. Although the government scholarship and grant programs are made for all US students, underrepresented minorities like Native Americans may receive cutting edge prefer ability. Meanwhile, you should also visit your State’s department of education office to ask about the current education support program (which may include scholarships) for you. Just submit your applications for these scholarships for Native Americans!

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