Where to Find Burial Financial Assistance

For low-income families, getting a proper burial can be pretty expensive. Hence, many are searching for burial financial assistance for their loved one who has passed away. Today we are going to give you a usable list of places in which you may find such a service.

List of Financial Assistance for Burial Expenses

State Government’s Agency

In some states, their Social Service Agency offers help for covering the cost of burial or cremation. Of course, this depends on which state you are in. It is best to immediately contact their office and then explain your condition. Usually, you will have to provide some kind of proof of your disability. For example, there’s such service in Michigan, Florida, and many other cities and counties across the United States. Low-income families in the District of Columbia whose loved one is deceased can apply at the Department of Human Services, which may cover the cost of a funeral up to $800 and the cost of cremation up to $450.

Sometimes the service is available from other departments, under a special office. For example, in Toledo city, you can find the Cemetery Office (phone: 419 936 3081) that’s below the Department of. Alaska government also assigns a special agency for this matter which is entrusted with limited funding.

In Louisiana, paupers may be eligible for burial cost coverage when they die. The amount of money given is different in every city, so it is best to inquire about the details of the city you’re living in. Meanwhile, indigent people in Oregon are allowed to apply for burial financial help from the Oregon Department of Health. The Department of Family and Community Services of Illinois (phone: (217) 524-5294 or (217) 558-6653) provides such help too.

All in all, if you’re looking for financial assistance for burial from the government, the first thing you should do is to call or contact your city council office and then ask for such information. As you can see above, usually the agency that takes care of this matter is related to social services or health services such as the Department of Health, Department of Social Services, or Department of Human Services.


Nonprofits Organizations, Foundations

There are several organizations and foundations that can help indigent and low-income families to cover the cost of burial or cremation. There are also several specific conditions that make someone eligible for such funding. For example:

Members of Indian tribes that are recognized by the Federal government who needs assistance to bury or cremate their loved ones can ask help from the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Jewish indigent people in New York City who cannot afford for the funeral may apply for a free decent religious and cultural funeral from the Hebrew Free Burial Association.

If in any case you are living in Michigan area, and the deceased passed away due to suicide, an organization called the Six Feet Over may be able to help you with the cleanup, funeral and memorial for the deceased.

Low-income families that experience a hard time emotionally and financially because of a loss of a child may be eligible for some kind of financial assistance. Many organizations can help, such as the Unforgettable organization and Emilio Nares Foundation in some cities of California, New York City’s AMT Children of Hope, Michigan’s Olivia Raines Foundation, Georgia’s Child Burial Assistance Inc., The Tears Foundation in several states, and AgapeCare Cradle in Kansas.

Other Special Conditions

There are several other conditions that make somebody eligible for financial help. For example, if the deceased was serving in U.S. military, then the left ones may be eligible to receive burial assistance from the Veteran Affairs, along with help from the government in several states. People who were crime victims and passed away because it may also receive help from some state government.

If a disaster caused the death of a loved one and the family cannot afford the burial, they are eligible for the disaster aid.  Note that the disaster should be recognized and declared as an official disaster by the federal government. You can also seek help from religious organizations, which will likely to help people from the same faith.

Other References

If you’re still unsure of where to search, you can always dial 211 and ask them for information. While they may not be able to provide you with direct financial aid for the burial of your loved one, they may be able to connect you to local organizations or foundations or even state agencies that can help you! Another helpful and informational place is the Funeral Consumers Alliance, which have an amazing page that provides information related to burial assistance for the indigent from both organizations and local governments.

So as you can see, there are many opportunities available, especially for the families who cannot afford a proper burial or cremation in the United States. After all,  it is the part of the government’s responsibilities towards its citizen.

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