Where Can You Find Free Twin Bunk Beds for Children?

Free Twin Bunk Beds for Children. All children deserve a safe and comfortable place to sleep. A good night’s sleep with a bed underneath allows your children to grow better, enjoy a healthy heart, increase their attention span, boost learning, and reduce the risk of an accident or injury. In many countries, boys and girls go without a bed or even a pillow to sleep on. These children sleep on the couch, sofa, or even on the floor which indirectly affects their health and happiness. At that time, a bed feels extremely important for kids. So, where you can find free beds for low-income families?


Best Place to find Twin Free Bunk Beds for Children

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is a non-profit organization in the USA providing free bunk beds for children with poor financial background. This is a group of volunteers working dedicatedly to improve the sleep habits of poor kids, who cannot afford a bed for sleep. They work on building, assimilation and delivering a top-notch quality of twin bunk beds for children and families in need. It has started from a small garage in Idaho, but it has changed over time and expanding to different states in the USA as well.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace – Company profile overview

Sleep in Heavenly Peace originates from the sense of charity for the poor and needy. On the very special occasion of Christmas, when we share love and affection with all, a bitter truth got attention. Many poor kids are having no beds to sleep in the cold weather condition.

SHP started a project to help the poor family with one bed, but soon it developed into something a whole lot more than providing a free bed for a low-income family. Apart from the number of requests from needy families, many local people come forward to help and volunteer. The generosity of the volunteer was so surprising that it no longer a search for free beds to low-income families, but how many beds the organization provides.

SHP is now a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, fully registered and certified under the federal government to do charitable. The ID number is 46-4346568.

How to Get Free Beds from Sleep in Heavenly Peace?

Sleep in Heavenly Peace is always eager to help the poor and needy families. But, it’s not that simple to get free twin bunk beds for kids from the organization. You have to fulfill certain terms and conditions, meet certain criterion to get beds for free. Let’s have a look over them –

Location, location, location – First, you need to confirm where you stay. If you live near the active chapters of SHP, you can get the free bed. For that, you need to check the list of places SHP provides programs for a free bed. You can request for free beds from the contact us page, after confirming your location from the list of SHP center in the map.

Place Where You Live – Second, is the living environment you have! To receive a twin bunk bed you need to send request, if it gets accepted then you can have your bunk beds for free. Before that, it’s important to check the availability of free space in your home or apartment to accommodate the bunk bed. You need a large room to adjust the twin bunk bed easily.

Ways to get in touch – Speak with the volunteers working with SHP to confirm your bed. Call at 844-432-BEDS (2337) to request a free bed for low-income families. You can fill out the form also, provided in the contact us page.

Documents you need to submit – Last but not the least, you need to fill out an online SHP application form. If your application gets accepted, the free bed will be delivered to you without charging any cost. Then, you need to sign an Indemnification Release Form after the release.

Who can Place a request for free bed from SHP?

There are two different ways to request a free bed from Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

Become bed recipients – Please submit an online application form to SHP. Your request will be accepted in either of the cases – you are a legal guardian of the children or the children himself. Only an eligible bed recipient can get a bed.

Referrals – Anyone can refer any family for free beds from SHP. But, it’s a bigger responsibility. You need to submit an application form for the family. If the application gets acceptance and the family gets selected for free beds, you need to be present at the time of bed delivery. In fact, SHP finds many recipients from referrals only.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace Accepts Requests from – Once the application is received, a committee of SHP decides which children need the bed most. At Sleep in Heavenly Peace, no one is selected on first come first served basis. The committee went through a thorough review of the application and then takes the final decision. All information is kept private and safe here. SHP design and deliver beds based on the availability of supplies and donations to them. This means, if the organization has no funds or wood bunks to make beds, then it will get longer to get free beds for a low-income family.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace – Ultimate Goal!

A number of non-profitable and charity organization are ought there for helping the poor and needy. They come forward to provide cloth, food, meals, toys, and money for families in need. However, only a few of them are providing free beds and beddings for low-income families and their children. Sleep in Heavenly in Peace wants to contribute in the later one so that not a single kid should sleep on the floor.

Bottom Line

Finding a free twin bunk beds for children is not that easy, as it seems. You need to do some research and go through websites. Look for organization and federal groups that offer free home furnishing stuff for children. Also, check for availability. You can always rely on Sleep in Heavenly Peace for free bunk beds. It’s a safe, reliable and no-cost method to give a great good night sleep to your young champ or Barbie.

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