WCCCD Financial Aid

WCCCD Financial Aid – The WCCCD, which is also known as the Wayne County Community College District is one of the well known college in Michigan area. They have more than 100 programs, degrees and certificates, with campuses available throughout the Wayne County.

Most of the students at this college receive some form of WCCCD financial aid. Statistically, about 70% of the students receive financial aid in the form of Federal and state grants, loans, or scholarships. This time, we will reveal the general eligibility requirements for the WCCCD financial aid, along with some guide on how to apply for this aid.

First thing to note is that the eligibility requirements mentioned below are general requirements. That means that each financial aid program may have additional or different requirements. To be eligible for the aid, you have to:

  1. Be a US citizen or eligible non-US citizen
  2. Have a valid Social Security Number
  3. Have financial need
  4. Have a high school diploma, General Education Development certificate, or completed a secondary level homeschooling
  5. Be enrolled as a student in an eligible program at the WCCCD
  6. Have resolved any drug conviction
  7. Have no debt on a federal student grant
  8. Use the aid solely for education.
  9. Continuing students must meet satisfactory academic progress

Wayne Community College Financial Aid

How to Apply for the WCCCD Financial Aid :

First you need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). As we have repeatedly said in this blog, the FAFSA is the key for many grants in United States from both Federal Government and private organizations.

Remember, the sooner you complete the FAFSA the better. Therefore, prepare your tax information (your parent’s tax information too). It would be better to submit the FAFSA early, so if by the end of February your taxes aren’t complete yet, just estimate the number.

Apply for the FAFSA PIN online (the link is available in the bottom of this post). If you are a dependent student, ask your parent to apply for the FAFSA PIN. This PIN acts as the electronic signature.

Go to the FAFSA official site (the link is available in the reference section), and complete all the required information about you, which may include financial information, personal information, and your school plans.

Don’t forget to indicate the Wayne County Community College District using the school code of 009230, and then enter your PIN and submit your application. Keep a copy of that submitted FAFSA application.

After you submit your FAFSA, you will be given Student Aid Report. Check the Expected Family Contribution number in that SAR report. The Expected Family Contribution is the amount of contribution for your education that should be given by your family in the following year.

You can then check the WCCCD webgate to see your current financial aid status

There are lots of steps, I know. However, applying for the WCCCD financial aid could really save you quite a lot of money for your education. Therefore, we highly recommend you to follow trough this tips.

images: wcccd.edu, waynecc.edu