Way to Get Home Business Grants for Women

Home Business Grants for Women – Women today are developing into a more important part of the US economy. It is mentioned a survey that more than 8.3 million businesses in the United States are owned by women. Knowing the tremendous potential of business women there are plenty of home business grants for women available to encourage women in starting a business. The grants are available in plenty of funding options and different sources. If you are interested in the home business grants for women to start your business you have to be ready to give much effort and be patient as the steps can be long and difficult.

Home Business Grants for Women

Here are the steps and tips to get home business grants for women

  1. Write and develop a business plan: This first step is critical in the process of grant searching because potential funders would like to know that they award the grant to the right person and they can see it through your business plan. The business plan has to show an in-depth analysis of your home business, including your vision and mission, marketing strategy, target audience, and company structure. You also have to include detailed information about the company goals and operating costs. Don’t forget to check your business plan for any typing or grammatical mistakes that could jeopardize your chance to be awarded the grant.
  2. Look for assistance through the SBA website: If you are new to the grant-hunting thing then you might like to visit the Small Business Administration or SBA website (sba.gov) for help and information. On the website, you can find a “Loans and Grants Search Tool” that can help you to search grants resources based on specific parameters you input into the tool.
  3. Have online grant research: Spend some time researching about the grant on the internet could really help your chance of getting the grant. Firstly you can find a grant that is looking specifically for your type and business. Secondly, you can do a small research to get important tips to get the grant by studying about the former winner of the grant.
  4. Make a list of potential funders for your business: You have to create a list of potential funders that are looking for new businesses related to your field, located in your area, and have already awarded grants to businesses similar to yours. Here is an example of a potential funder for women’s business as a start:
  • The American Association of University Women: The association provides Career Development grants for aspiring women entrepreneurs. You can contact them at their AAUW national office 1111 16 St. N.W. Washington, DC 2003 800-326-2289 or visit their website at aauw.org.
  • The Foundation for Women: the Foundation’s mission is to fund to help international and domestic women develop their businesses. For more information about the foundation, you can contact their office at 4747 Morena Blvd. Suite 375 San Diego, CA 92117, 858-483-0400 and website at foundationforwomen.org
  1. Complete the Grant Application: The last step to getting home business grants for women is to complete the application. Don’t forget to review your application before finally submitting it.