Government Jobs: The Best and the Worst Place

Government Jobs in federal government agencies and institutions become more and more popular options nowadays people in the US. Federal government agencies and institutions might not offer the highest salary compared to the private sector or the highest benefit when you are becoming an entrepreneur, however Government Jobs in the federal government indeed ensure you steady salary and steady life.

Despite the high level of interest for Government Jobs in federal government agencies and institutions information about it is relatively scarce compared to other job fields. Many people were found wondering on which government agencies and institutions provide the best place to work and career.


The Method to Rank the Government Jobs

After this we will provide you the lists of government jobs best and worst place, but first let we explain you how the ranking is obtained.  The Index score to rank the best places to work is calculated based on three different questions, they are:

  • Will I recommend my organization as a good place to work?
  • Considering everything, how satisfied are you with your job?
  • Considering everything, how satisfied are you with your organization?

After the answers were collected the researchers use the percentage of positive responses (agree or strongly agree; satisfied or very satisfied) in a weighted formula o calculate the final score of each government job.

Best Government Jobs

Here we provide information about the best and the worst place to work among government agencies in the US. First let’s find out which one is the best place, shall we?

Surprise, surprise! The best agency to work for among government agencies in the US is The Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Believe or not the agency that had to deal with the hazardous nuclear material in the United States had the highest ranking in employee satisfaction in 2010. This rank is obtained in a survey involving more than 263,000 federal workers in the US.

If you ask “how come?” then the answer could be ranging from the salaries, insurances and community acknowledgment to their work. As an agency that deal with hazardous things The Nuclear Regulatory Commission offer considerably high salary as well as high amount of insurances just in case something wrong happen. Here are other jobs with highest salary:

Certified registered nurse anesthetist

National average salary: $156,521 per year

A certified registered nurse anesthetist administers anesthesia to patients during surgery or medical procedures. They assess patient health histories to determine anesthesia eligibility, monitor patient well-being throughout procedures, and follow up with patients after surgery to address any issues.


National average salary: $242,615 per year

A physician assesses patients, diagnoses illnesses, and develops treatment plans. They order diagnostic tests and procedures, review test results with patients, update patient medical charts, and provide care instructions to nursing staff. Physicians also work directly with patients to address concerns and provide resources for optimal health.

Political affairs officer

National average salary: $117,294 per year

A political affairs officer analyzes political trends and devises solutions to common issues. They liaise with counterparts from other nations, monitor governmental activities, prepare briefings and documents, and manage secure information databases.


National average salary: $95,463 per year

Mathematicians works with data and mathematical theories resolve problems. They analyze data, devise data collection methods, generate reports based on findings, and provide recommendations to stakeholders to aid strategic decision-making. Mathematicians also detect trends and conduct experiments on datasets.

Mechanical engineer

National average salary: $95,223 per year
Mechanical engineers design mechanical systems to solve specific problems and enhance functionality. They analyze issues, troubleshoot equipment problems, conduct tests on machinery, and oversee the construction process.


National average salary: $89,354 per year
Auditors examine financial statements to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulations. They organize financial records, recommend cost-saving strategies, and generate reports for stakeholders to understand the company’s financial operations. Auditors also prepare tax returns and handle tax payments for the organization.

Federal Jobs with Lowest Salary

Now that we know the best Government Jobs in federal government agencies and institutions, which one is the worst? Well, according to the survey, you might want to avoid working for the National Archives and Records Administration and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Other than that, here are jobs with the lowest salary:

Amusement and Recreation Attendants

Salary: $20,160 per year

Over 40,000 amusement and recreation attendants are employed by various levels of government in the U.S. In this position, you’ll typically earn around $9.70 per hour. Your duties may include scheduling the use of recreation facilities, maintaining sports equipment, and operating amusement park rides.

Home Health Aides

Salary: $22,170 per year

Home health aides earn an average of $10.66 per hour, providing basic healthcare and personal care services to the elderly, convalescent, and disabled. Their responsibilities include bandaging injuries, grooming, and assisting with medication administration and vital sign checks under the supervision of medical professionals like doctors or nurses.

While a high school diploma isn’t always required, it’s recommended, and some may need to complete formal training or pass a standardized test. Despite the low pay, job security is typically stable in this role.

Janitorial Staff

Salary: $24,190 per year

The national average salary for janitorial staff is $24,190, but if you secure a position with your local government, the average salary increases to $31,490. Janitors typically work indoors, although some outdoor tasks like lawn mowing and snow shoveling may be required.

Many janitors work night shifts, and the job involves labor-intensive tasks. However, formal education is not necessary to work as a janitor. And remember, even Tony Robbins once worked as a janitor, so there’s potential for growth and success in this field.

Benefits of Getting Government Jobs

Government positions typically come with federal benefits like top-notch health insurance and pension plans, often surpassing those offered in many private industries. Employees can expect competitive salaries, especially with opportunities for promotions and advancements.

Besides, many government careers provide flexible schedules, including part-time options, remote work, or unconventional hours. Federal holidays are commonly observed, promoting a work-life balance conducive to personal well-being.

Furthermore, government agencies offer diverse positions catering to various interests. This will ensure there’s a job for everyone, whether at the federal, state, or local level.

Other than that, government roles often involve challenging and impactful work. This will offer opportunities to make significant contributions to society.

Government career opportunities span across the nation and globally, providing options regardless of where you reside. The government prioritizes employee development, offering comprehensive training and advancement paths for those who excel in their roles, enabling individuals to achieve their career aspirations and succeed professionally.