Government Programs That Help Felons Get Jobs

Looking for government programs that help felons get jobs? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve prepared some information on this matter, which hopefully can help any of the convicted felons out there who are trying to make a new start in their life.

These days, landing a job is getting more and more difficult. Ex-felons have it even harder than regular people because there’s always the negative stigma in our society, assuming that every ex-felons will not change their habits and view of life, making these ex-felons as a potential threat in the future. Therefore, most people want to have nothing to do with people who are convicted felons.

Fortunately, there are several assistance programs from the United States government that may be able to help convicted felons to get jobs, including:

Government Programs That Help Felons Get Jobs

List of Government Programs That Help Felons Get Jobs

The Prison Entrepreneurship Program

Some states offer Prison Entrepreneurship Program (or something similar but with different name) to provide information about people, organizations, companies or businesses that are willing to help convicted felons to start their own business. The assistance programs may come in various forms depending on the available help, but commonly they may offer technical assistance, job hunting assistance, and in some cases, financial assistance. If you’re interested you may want to visit the Prison Entrepreneurship Program’s website available in our reference section.

The Second Chance Act’s Program

If you’re still unsure where to go for help from the government, you may want to contact your State’s Bureau of Justice Assistance office and ask about the Second Chance Act. This program offers various assistance that can help you land the job you need, including job advice, mentoring and other technical assistance. The eligibility and requirements are depending on the state you’re currently living in, so we recommend you contact the office in person.

Workforce Investment Act’s Program

Although the Workforce Investment Act program is not solely aimed towards convicted felons to get jobs, but ex felons are considered as one of their top priorities. This program offers grant money available for various job trainings, including mentoring and basic skills training. To be eligible for this assistance, the felons should be at least 18 years old of age and was sentenced as an adult. However, people who were sentenced because of sex crime will not be able to enjoy this benefit. It’s a great way to increase your value. The program is usually administered by your state’s government office. Contact them for more information about this opportunity.

Small Business Administration’s Program

Small Business Administration is a special office that promotes small business development and encourages the growth of new entrepreneurs from various communities, especially from at-risk population like convicted felons. Usually eligible people will be able to get some sort of financial assistance, mostly comes in the form of low-interest rate loan so that the people can either start a small business or develop their current small business.

In addition to the programs we mentioned above, you can also ask for information about similar government programs for job assistance for felons from the state’s Department of Social Services.


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