The Secret Ways To Get Free Baby Clothes Giveaway

To be a new parent, it is all about a new joy, but it sometimes leads you to some problems especially if you have a problem with financial capabilities, entering bankruptcy, or are in debt. Your baby can grow and it means that you have to allocate some money for baby clothing. But, it wouldn’t be that hard. There are several ways you can get a free baby clothes giveaway through some methods and resources.

Yes, you can get baby clothes, for free! It is because the USDA mentioned that the annual cost of clothing only for babies can take about $600. But we are here to tell you that you can cut some.


Things To Do To Get Free Baby Clothes Giveaway

  1. Don’t mind about the hand-me-downs

Well, some people go with old baby clothes but still some more have willing to give them away to you. Therefore, it would be good if you let your family, neighbors, friends and coworkers know that you would be glad to get their help especially for baby clothes although if they don’t have kids. They may have connection with others who have baby clothes that they don’t know where to store because their home is full of things. This way is also helpful for you to get a crib or car seats they are not longer use it.

To do that, start with your relatives and friends before asking the casual acquaintances or co-workers. The people who closer to you will come first to help you. It is also important to be open and never limit yourself to ask people especially who had kids. You can even ask them if they have children that are impossible to wear the baby clothes. The most important is never close your personal issue to ask people even if they have no kids at home. If you ask a help to your best friend that is still single and have no children, she may have brother or sister who can help you with extra clothes.


  1. Say that you need a help

It is like your pride is broken when you just asking for a help, but of course it is necessary to do. Friends and family wouldn’t take it as a big matter because all people have their tough time. Therefore, understand about their presence by expressing that you need a help from them to buy or get used baby clothes are good. If they are willing to do, let them to help you. Be sure that you keep the clothes that your friends and family members bought you since you can re-use the clothes and then give them back to family or friends who have children.


  1. Do a barter

Another creative way that will help you for free baby clothes giveaway is by barter. It is okay if you have no baby clothes to trade, but it is possible to get the clothes they will give to you by bartering with other services as the exchange or to say thanks to them. Use this way if you have a skill so you can get the clothes freely.

To do that, you can start by asking a neighbor who had a baby few months before you whether or not she has a willing to exchange the outgrown clothes and you can pay it with a special offer like free night of babysitting. Other things you can do is if your friend asked help about a bake sale and you have excellent cooking skill, you can offer her to bake some tasty cookies but the payment should be baby clothes.


  1. Try by exchange

As we know that baby comes in all shapes and sizes and of course they are growing completely in different pace. But by exchanging clothes, it allows your baby to never wear clothes in larger sizes. To start, you can keep on gifted clothes so they are used and then ask gift-givers for gift-receipt anytime they give you baby clothes.


  1. Visit resale shops

By visiting resale shops, you can find the place where to sell items that are still in a good condition and they sell it to others with lower price. These stores are quite many and they will give you the option to sell for cash or store credit. The store credit is commonly a higher amount to pay instead of cash. It means that you can drop the old or outgrown baby’s clothes off and then you can pick some new clothes freely. There are several nation chain shops and they are opened to focus on reselling children’s clothes and other stuff for kids. The best recommended way to do next is to look online so you can find your local branches of national chains or independent shops that are specially designed for kids’ clothes resale.

If you want to go with online and you are living in US, you can try Once Upon a Child


  1. Participate in swap communities

There are many online swap communities you can participate and they will let you to exchange items you have for the items you want to get for your baby. The shipping and receiving items are free from third-party. Many of them provide you with the option of searching this exchange in your local area.

There are some recommended swap sites especially for baby’s clothes such as, and


  1. Register to get baby clothes

To be a new mom, be sure that you always register to get gifts for the baby showers. You can visit Target or Walmart to get many stuff you need including clothes. You can register there if you need newborn clothes for 0-3 and 3-6 month sizes.


  1. Find online contests and giveaways

free baby clothes giveaway are available if you would like to spend your free time to visit blogs and websites which offer you a help to get clothes. It is recommended to search for contests that have nothing to do with babies in case that they offer award includes gift card to store that sells baby clothes.

So, those are all ways you can do to get free baby clothes. Hope this can be helpful!

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