Some Option of Business Grants for Felons

Are you looking for business grants for felons? For some Felons, many obstacles will be experienced after coming out of prison. Moreover, today many people are not ready to accept Felons as part of community life in general. This will certainly allow the Felons difficulty in performing a variety of activities including getting a job. Of course, the Felons want to earn an income that will be used to finance their lives. However, not many companies or workplaces would accept me as an employee or worker.

So most of them have to do a consideration of other options to get a better job. Today there might be some options for business grants for Felons. So that it will facilitate the lives of Felons and earn a better income for their lives. However, we also have to remember that this option will be tailored to the capabilities of the Felons.

Some option for business grants for felons typically consists of the Career One Stop, Faith-Based and Community Programs, America Works, East of the River Clergy Police and Community Partnership, Exodus Transitional Community, Operation New Hope, Safer Foundation, and others.

Each of these options can be tailored to the capabilities of the Felons. So they can do a better job and earn income following the job. However, before determining the best choice of the work we have to know all parts of the work to be done.


Business Grants for Felons – Company List

Here are the available business grants for felon:

Career One Stop

Every day many former inmates are trying to get a lot of work. So that makes them have to find a lot of options or companies better places to work. However, not all companies are willing to accept some former inmates. So they have to do other options such as Career One Stop.

Of course this does not have to require large companies or clothing which is very neat. However, we only need capital and skills that we have. So that we can run the business. Moreover, many business options that we can do to get a certain capital. You can search for a job that suitable with your skill and your location here:

Faith-Based and Community Programs

Today there are many community programs in the United States that seeks to provide an opportunity for former convict to get a better job. Moreover, it is done in accordance with the service they have. This community believes that every ex-convict is entitled to get a job according to their abilities. In addition, they also believe that many former inmates who experienced a change in life.

America Works

It is an employment agency located in the United States, is not part of a church or non-profit organization. This employment agency provides an opportunity for ex- convicts to help them get a job according to their expertise. The agency has offices in several states consisting of California, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin and Washington, DC.


Exodus Transitional Community

Another option for getting business grants for Felons is through this community. Things we need to know, this community was founded by a former inmate. He believes that many ex- prisoners are entitled to get a better job. Through this community, there are some services which consist of employment services, career training and other services. Of course this would be an option for many Felons. serves as a valuable platform for small business owners, regardless of their background, to explore a multitude of grant opportunities offered by over 1,000 federal grant programs. Getting started involves creating a Workspace account and providing your relevant information. Once registered, you gain access to a comprehensive database where you can search for grants aligning with your eligibility criteria and submit your applications electronically.


GrantWatch offers an extensive database catering to ex-felon entrepreneurs and others seeking funding opportunities. With information on nearly 28,000 grant programs, including approximately 1,200 small business grants, it serves as a valuable resource for locating potential funding sources.

Access to the full database requires a subscription, with membership options ranging from $18 per week to $199 per year. However, a free membership option is also available, offering limited access to grant details at no charge.

Local and Regional Grants

Local and regional small business grants may be accessible based on your state, county, or city of residence, presenting additional opportunities for entrepreneurs. To find grants that consider ex-felons or do not exclude individuals with felony records, explore resources through entities like economic development centers, local churches, or state, county, and city government websites.

For instance, in New Mexico, residents can benefit from stimulus and recovery programs such as the Business Recovery Grant Program, offering grants of up to $100,000 to cover expenses like rent, lease, or mortgage payments. Numerous small business grant programs are available across various locations in the U.S.

FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

The FedEx Small Business Grant Contest offers an opportunity for ten small businesses to secure grants of up to $50,000 along with $4,000 in FedEx Office print and small business services. Additional perks may also be available for other winners, including smaller grants of up to $20,000.

While the entry window for this year’s contest has closed, interested applicants can still review eligibility requirements online to prepare for future rounds of grant applications. It’s important to note that FedEx reserves the right to conduct background checks on finalists as part of the selection process.

Pell Grant

Having a prior felony usually won’t automatically disqualify you from federal grant opportunities. However, it’s uncommon to find specific federal grant programs tailored to support individuals with felony records seeking a fresh start.

For federal business grants, a good starting point is, where you can explore various grant opportunities beyond just small business grants. Additionally, consider looking into other federal grant options.

For instance, the Pell Grant is a need-based federal student aid program that might be beneficial. You can utilize Pell Grants to cover educational expenses, including traditional college courses or vocational training. Such training could equip you with the necessary skills and certifications to pursue your desired entrepreneurial venture.

Why Felons Need Business Grants?

Individuals with a criminal record, especially those who have been incarcerated, encounter distinct hurdles when seeking employment opportunities post-release. Consequently, the prospect of entrepreneurship becomes an appealing option for many. According to the Rand Corporation, over 3.8% of small business proprietors in the U.S. have a criminal history, with 1.5% holding felony records. These figures amount to more than one million small business owners.

Despite the eagerness of ex-felons for a fresh start through entrepreneurship, they often confront substantial challenges, particularly in securing business funding. However, there are available resources, including grants and small business financing options, that can support ex-felons in transforming their business aspirations into reality.

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