How To Use Sample Grant Proposal For Small Business

Why to get a grant you should get a sample grant proposal for small business first? Here is the answer. In order to get grant for your small business start-up you will likely have to write an appropriate grant proposal beforehand. It’s a formal application that individuals, nonprofit organization or a business company submit to a certain agency that offer grant to be considered as their receiver.

Most people don’t really know how to make a proper grant proposal so they have to look out for a sample business grant proposal to get the right idea about the content of the proposal. Here we will provide you step by step and tips to use a sample grant proposal to make a proper grant proposal.


 1. Look for the suitable grant proposal sample

  • The very first step to make a grant proposal is to find the right sample grant proposal that is suitable for your specific project. You can do this by googling it on the internet to find a sample grant similar to your project. Get several samples to be compared.
  • The second step is to compare the grant proposal samples you get in order to recognize the limitation each sample have as a guide to write the perfect grant proposal. You will need several samples because you may find several different points of the agency’s proposal requirement. You can choose among those samples the best format and content suitable for your specific grant project.
  • The third step in finding the suitable grant proposal sample/s is to analyze its structure and style and then apply the appropriate content and strategies to the information required in your grant proposal. Grant proposal commonly has several points of elements such as an abstract, needs statement, project description, action plan, evaluation, and budget. By having some sample to consult with you will get a better idea and understanding of the content of a proper grant proposal.

2. Start writing the grant proposal

  • The first step in writing the grant proposal is to determine the structure of the information and your project details that you will present. In this step, you can use the sample grant proposal as a guide to writing your project’s budget such as travel expense and employee compensation. We recommend you to try and write the basic element of your grant proposal first without consulting on the grant proposal sample then when you finished you can look at the grant proposal sample to double check them for accuracy.
  • Write the grant proposal’s section using the samples as a guide to achieve an appropriate level of content details and structure. Make sure you write it according to the requirement given by the granting agency.
  • Last step on writing the perfect grant proposal by using small business grant proposal samples is to revise before submitting it to the granting agency. Ensure you don’t make any grammatical or typing mistake to give a good impression to the grant provider.



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