3 Effective Ways On How To Ask Businesses For Donations

How to ask businesses for donations, is something very common. In fact, many owners or members of non-profit organizations look for financial assistance from businesses in their surrounding area.

Businesses around the neighborhood also actually have an obligation to give back to the community. So this is mutually beneficial for both parties.


How to Ask Businesses for Donations – Learn The Types

These business owners usually have not only one donation program for the environment and the surrounding community. But, there are four types of donations from companies for the community or environment. Those are: matching gifts program, volunteer grants program, corporate grants program, and in-kind donations.

1. Matching Gifts Program

A program from the company for its employees who have a philanthropic spirit. The goal is make it easier for them to donate to the surrounding community. Moreover, the way it works is that the business owner provides a program. And then, the employees who work in the company will donate a certain amount to the type of organization they choose. From the amount given by the employee, the company will increase the amount by the ratio determined by the company.

2. Volunteer Grants

A program that provides grants to an organization in which there are volunteers from workers in a company. Also, the company will provide funds where employees are used to volunteering in a non-profit organization regularly.

3. Corporate Grants

A type of grant, disbursed by companies to communities or organizations that they deem worthy of receiving assistance. Commonly, at the beginning of the fiscal year business owners set aside a portion of the funds. So, they will use it to organizations that have a direct and meaningful impact on the surrounding community.

4. In-Kind Donations

A type of donation, from a business but not in the form of money. This assistance is usually in the form of the things the non-profit organizations need to organize an event. When the organization submits a request for assistance, in the proposal there is a section where the organization explains the need for goods. From here, the business person will choose one or several items as the donations for the activity.

Steps on How To Ask Businesses For Donations

Now that you know the various types of financial assistance provided by the company. Next, there are the steps you need to take to get it. Here are three steps to getting donations from businesses.

Prepare the needs and start your creativity

When you apply for funding, think about the businesses in your area. Approaching local businesses is a good idea. It is because they want to make a positive impression in their environment. Additionally, it is the solution to make  a more public appearance of their business. Moreover, businesses also want to see their surroundings change for the better.

Approaching local businesses is not impossible but this can be a little tricky. Here are tips you can do to approach local businesses, prepare the following to start.

Make A list of Businesses

First, make a contact list of businesses and companies around you. Find the right business based on the charity you are going to do. Learn about their company and where they usually donate. This will give you an idea of ??whether the business has an opportunity to make a donation. If you have the information that the companies usually make donations to non-profit organizations, learn about the company’s donation request procedure.

Introduce Your Organization

Once you have the list, it’s time to start introducing your organization to them. Make sure that you meet the right people for your fundraiser. Find out who is responsible for social activities within the company or in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in a smaller business, you can also meet their manager. Find out their names and try to approach them personally.

In preparing an introduction to your organization, try to describe your organization’s struggles. Also, describe what you want to achieve by doing your activities. Also, tell how you would like to get their support by requesting companies or businesses to become your partner. Practice before you meet them what you want to say. Do not be too long and make it as natural as possible.

As explained earlier, the help of a local company or business is not only in the form of money. Also, think about other forms of non-pecuniary assistance. Things that you can propose to local companies or businesses are gifts for participants, hampers, or other gifts.

Explain Their Profits

The truth is that businesses are not entirely altruistic about making donations. As the name suggests, businesses expect reciprocity for their profits. What you can offer them also affects the company’s or business’s decision to make a donation. Well, you can offer a public acknowledgment of the company that supports your event.

Furthermore, you need to find out how the company wants to present its image to the public. After that, tailor it to your offering. You can also offer to put their logo on the event banner. Alternatively, add a reference in the opening speech. Even better, you can add  a report on the results of the event.

Create Networking

While you prepare everything, try to create networking opportunities in your surroundings. It doesn’t mean that you have to attend all events. But, you can focus on events that are related to the project you are going to do. Make a good impression. After that, show your presence there with local businesses and related companies. In the event, even though your goal is to get donations, your goal here is to build a network. Therefore, don’t force people to donate at the event.

How To Ask Businesses for Donations From Making a request

You can start asking requests for donations to a local company or business. For example, you can send a letter or meet them in person. Well, it depends on the company’s procedures for requesting donations. Other than that, if what you’re asking for is a large company, you can write a letter with a proposal. On the other hand, if what you’re asking for support is a smaller business you can try to meet them in person.

Tips For Writing A Letter

When writing a letter asking for a donation to a business, introduce yourself and your organization. Tell them specifically what you want. Moreover, you need to give reasons why the company must have a part in supporting the event or project you are working on.

If you are confident in your writing, you can make a letter according to your needs. But, if you have never made one, you can look for the right template. So, it makes your letter fits and looks professional. Next, outline your idea and provide important details of your project in your proposal for funding or donation requests.

How to Ask Businesses for Donations From A Short Speech

If you intend to meet the local business manager in person, make sure you have prepared a short speech. The content is about your organization. Therefore, you need to train yourself first. In another word, you have to show that you have a good preparation and you can earn their trust.

Meeting someone in a local business also requires preparation especially in preparing a short speech about your organization. Make sure you don’t waste the time they have given you. Also, show that you value them. So, it will be easier for them to trust you with the donations they will give.

Business is business, and they also want to know the benefits they will get. Tell the benefits about what the company willl get if their business is the part of this project as a sponsor.

Meeting in person means you also need to anticipate all the questions the business owner will ask you. If you really don’t know the answer to a question they ask, ask for some time to provide details about it. Don’t pretend and make up stories when you don’t know the answer.

How to Ask Businesses for Donations – Cultivate the relationship

After about a week or two, try to follow up with the company or business. Hence, you can do this by mail, email, phone, or face-to-face meetings.

Sometimes a company does not give monetary donations or in-kind donations. In this case, we need to follow up to find out their decision. Also, it is important to let them know that our activities have a specific time. Additionally, if you’re doing a phone follow-up with the company, you’ll need to talk to the person you’re writing to. So, you’ll know the exact details.

A company may prefer correspondence via email. However, if at the beginning you sent your letter via email, you can follow up via email. This way, you can ask the company’s decision after you get a decision from the company or business.

You need to say thank you whatever the decision is. This is not only about manners but you also need to maintain a good image of the organization you are running. Also, keep them updated on your activities. But, don’t make it looks annoying.

You can also maintain relationships with previous companies. To do so, send email newspapers to companies and businesses on your previous contact list. It is also very cost-effective and you can show your presence as well as your organization. It can also be an advertisement for your organization in the future.