Target Grants – Educational Financial Assistances by Target

Target, one of the most successful retailers in US now provides educational grants. Target grants are available for teachers and students. The main objective of  this grant is to support both teachers’ and schools’ in obtaining educational facilities and supporting the educational activities.

In order to be qualified for the grants, there are some essential steps that need to be through. The very first step in effort to obtain these grants is registering through the company’s website. The registration may vary in term of date. Therefore, it is better to be ready when seeking for specific grants.

Target Grants available for Education Support 

Here are some available options if you are looking for Target grants in Education field:

Field Trip Grants

Target supports the teacher and school in obtaining educational facilities and activities. These grants are aimed for supporting the school to have field trip. In order to obtain field trip grant from Target, the teacher has to apply during the registration period and the fund will be awarded for the school year starting the next month.

These grants for field trip activity provides up to $7000 as of 2011. There are three grants provided by each U.S Target location for local elementary school and secondary schools per year. In the registration process, Target usually would like to know the field trip that schools are planning to visit.



target-grantsArt, Culture + Design in Schools Grants 

Arts, whatever of kind of the art, will always take part in increasing students’ creativity. Regarding to this, Target offers Art, Culture + Design in Schools Grant worth for $2000 for teachers who introduce art and culture to the student. Apart from that, Target also offers support for events held in Museum and performing art institution across the nation by sponsoring them. As for the art, the grants application usually is held in first March.

Target stores offer field trip grants to K-12 schools across the country. Eligible applicants include education professionals working at accredited K-12 public, private, or charter schools in the US with tax-exempt status. Applicants should be prepared to organize and carry out a field trip that enhances student learning. These field trips should provide tangible learning experiences in subjects such as Art, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Early Childhood Reading Grant 

The other grants offered by Target are Early Childhood Reading Grant. Through its 2010 Store Grant program, Target is providing support to K-12 schools and nonprofit organizations focusing on reading and art experiences.

In the Early Childhood Reading category, Target will fund programs encouraging young children from preschool through third grade to read with their families, fostering a love of reading. These grants support activities like library storytimes and family reading nights.

In the Art and Culture in Schools category, Target will fund in-school arts programs that enhance classroom curriculum by bringing arts and cultural experiences. For example, in-school performances, artist-in-residency programs, and workshops, to schools.

This kind of grant will help schools, libraries and nonprofit organizations in their effort to educate people about the importance of reading. Please note that as of 2010, the Target Store Grant Program no longer offers family-violence prevention grants.

To be eligible, applicant organizations must be federally tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or be a school, library, or public agency.

The awarded fund is useful for supporting program like weekend book club and after-school reading events. The applying school can get $2000 of award as of 2011 and usually these grants are available for registration in March. For complete program guidelines and application instructions, visit the company’s website.

Target Grants for Organizations

To request a charitable contribution from Target, your organization must meet certain criteria:

1. Be a federally tax-exempt section 501(c)(3) charitable organization, accredited school, or public agency located in the United States or one of its protectorates.

2. A public agency refers to an organization established and primarily funded by the United States government, such as public schools, public libraries, public parks, and law enforcement agencies.

3. A public agency must be able to provide a valid government affirmation letter or have a valid NCES number.

Meeting these requirements ensures eligibility to request a charitable contribution from Target.

Target Grant Application

Target’s philanthropic efforts play a crucial role in engaging with communities across various regions. Whether in their hometown of Minneapolis-St. Paul, the communities surrounding their stores, or the countries where their supply chain operates, Target is committed to making a positive impact.

Their philanthropic functions are structured around Corporate Citizenship, the Target Foundation, and Community Vitality Grant Programs. In 2022, a significant portion of their giving, reaching 94%, was directed towards local communities and programs. The total giving amounted to $328 million, with $308 million specifically allocated to support local communities and programs, representing 93.9% of their total philanthropic contributions.

Applying for a grant from Target typically requires an invitation, as most grants are not open for general application. However, the Target Foundation may have different funding criteria and processes for specific focus areas.

To learn more about the grant application process and whether your organization may be eligible for funding, it’s best to review the specific information provided for each focus area on the Target Foundation’s website. This will provide you with insights into any available opportunities and how to proceed if your organization aligns with their funding priorities.


Target grants are available for K-12 schools and nonprofit organizations, focusing on education and community development. The grants support various initiatives such as field trips, reading programs for young children, and in-school arts experiences. Eligible applicants include accredited K-12 schools and tax-exempt nonprofit organizations.

The Target Foundation and Community Vitality Grant Programs are integral parts of their philanthropic efforts, contributing a significant portion of their giving to local communities and programs. While most Target grants are by invitation only, specific funding criteria and processes vary across different focus areas. Target’s philanthropy aims to make a positive impact in communities nationwide.


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