Are you a College Student? 4 Ways to Get a Laptop without Credit

Grants for laptops for college students. Few college students have the financial resources to purchase their laptops and computers, whereas, students from the poor financial background cannot afford a laptop for study only.  This is so important, as people from different non-profit organizations and federal government departments came forward to help them with their needs since technological support is much needed for today’s education system.


How to get a laptop for college without paying any money?

Whether you are a senior student from high school or an entrant to college or a seasoned grad student, you probably need to look for free laptop programs and free grants to get a laptop for college.

According to general studies, the average cost of attending a public four-year college program is more than $20,000 per academic year. In private colleges and university, you can expect to spend more than $30,000 per academic year. The increasing cost of education makes it essential for college students to find financial assistance for laptops and other additional expenditures.

If you are considered a low-income family and cannot bear a laptop cost, then there are simple ways to get grants for laptops for college students. Let’s have a look through each one of them-

Cross-check with your school

Several school and colleges provide free laptops to students. This is completely included in the educations program because it helps them in doing assignment, research and connects through the world of internet. You can find many students from design engineering and computer science profile to get a laptop for free of charge because it is made to suit the demand of the prospective career. However, this is technically not a free laptop; you need to pay the cost with the academic fee. There are also some colleges that provide free laptops for online studies, without any restrictions. Other options might include a discounted laptop program or grants for laptops for college students, which allow you to use a laptop for a certain period. When your enrollment period ends with the college, you have to submit the laptop for use.

Apply for Educational grants

If your school or colleges does not provide free laptops with the education program, then start searching the internet for educational grants for laptops for college students. When you search for ways to get free laptops, you will find a host of information. But, it’s that not simple for anybody to get a free laptop.

One of the best places to start your search is the Microsoft website. The company offer free laptop program called the partners in learning grants to college and school student who need them the most, without any cost. Other options are. Also, your school might be providing free grants for laptops for college students or running plans for low-income families to lease or contests to own laptops. Find and participate!

Search through Websites

A number of websites offer free laptop programs for low-income families. This is an action with a cause; it provides free technological supports for students who need them the most. Check the website which is a non-profit organization of people who are interested in giving free stuff in their own town and neighborhood. Another site offering grants for laptops for a college student is is a non-profit group that provides free computers, computer training and Internet to low-income families with students in grades K-12. Keep in mind, that these programs are available for students that receive a free or reduced school lunch, attend a public school and reside within the United States. So, unfortunately, this won’t be available for college students with special needs.

Another organization that helps a student with the need of computer and laptops are Computer with Causes and the Computer Technology Assistance Corps. These two organizations provide technologies to families and kids who cannot afford purchase laptops on their own. You can access the facilities by submitting your family tax return only.

Explore the local tech stores

This option rounds out the free local tech stores that provide free laptops and computers to students for pennies on the dollar. There are some local shops run by hobbyists and locals, who sell refurbished and repaired computers for students who need them the most. This is an excellent option, as it will cost you lesser than the new one. But, the major problem is the types of stores are available in big cities only. Probably, free laptops from tech stores may not be viable for anyone who lives in rural areas. You can search for them on the internet also. Programs like these are best and unique than rest; however, you just look for the above-mentioned programs first.

Bottom Line

As already known, getting a higher education is really expensive these days, and saving money from anywhere you can is important for a student.

All of these programs are just mentioned here to help with your sorting and searching. You can use any of the laptop programs, search local resources or get grants for laptops for college students. Having a technological tool is essential for the learning process these days, and no student should be left untouched with the fruitful benefits of technology. Get your hands on different tools to get free laptops, also search for educational grants that can save your money from tuition fees. For more details, you can read contents on free grants for low-income families and more.

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