Service Dog Grants

Service Dog Grants – People with certain disability can use a service dog. However, contrary to what most of people believe, getting a trained service dog is not an easy task. You can’t just take some dog from a shelter and train them for a few days and then you can start using their skills. It is also not something you will see in your common pet store, so in most cases, you won’t be able to purchase and walk out of the store with it.

It takes months to train a single service dog. Some can be trained for 8 months while there are still other dogs that need up to 20 months before they can be a reliable dogs that can help the disabled. Therefore, it is only natural that getting a service dog is typically expensive and takes a long process.


Service Dog Grants for Individual

There are many organizations that offer financial help that may be able to help with the funding. One of the most popular ones is the vouchers from Assistance Dog United Campaign. Apparently, the number of people searching for service dog grants is quite big, therefore the organization is forced to put recent applicants on a waiting list.

I’ve heard some people in the forum complaining about this waiting period. While it is understandable since a service dog can really help, but they should be aware that there’s nothing that can be done to make the process quicker. The best course of action would be applying for financial aid NOW rather than later. Visit our reference section to see the link to this opportunity.

There are other similar organizations that offer a similar program such as the vouchers from Assistance Dog United Campaign, but most of them have very limited funding and they also have a long waiting list. Remember, patience is a must if you want to get a service dog.

Grants for Service Dogs for Organizations

Getting this type of grant for the organization is typically easier than getting the grant for individual purposes. Typically non-profit organizations are qualified for the assistance program from the government and nonprofit groups. The grant may come in various forms, including programs, donations, events or cash award.

Planet Dog Foundation

This charity organization which office is at Portland provides up to $7,000 in cash award for worthy organizations and non-profits. Aside from cash assistance, the Planet Dog Foundation also provides in-kind support and donations. Another benefit of getting their help is that you are also given support for strategic, networking and financial program.

Assistance Dog United Campaign (ADUC)

Not only that they provide individual grants, the ADUC is also a great source for non-profit organizations and programs that support their cause of providing service dogs for the disabled. The money can be used for research, program funding, and even scholarships.

Land of PureGold Foundation

Last but not least, the Land of PureGold Foundation is a great source for people looking for service dog training grants. The organization specifically provides financial help for these dogs’ cancer treatment and oncology research. Although at first the organization is made for Golden Retriever dogs, now every dog can apply for the (u>grants for service dog.