Does Walmart Hire Felons – Walmart Background Check Process

Does Walmart Hire Felons –  You can judge others as a felony if the government has convicted them of any major crime. When you have to deal with the charge and then be convicted of a misdemeanor, it will change your life completely. Therefore, it can be hard for you to find employment in the future.

In this case, you can expunge your record. By doing this way, you can ensure that future companies cannot see and run your background check. If you are wondering, Does Walmart Hire Felons? The answer is yes, but this is something special, not for everyone. In fact, not all felons are acceptable.


Does Walmart Hire Felons – About Walmart

Speaking of Walmart, it is the largest company in the United States. Now, they are making their way to be the biggest corporation in the worldwide. In the United States, Walmart has more than 2.2 million of people working with them. It is including the people at their corporate offices, their retail stores, and the Sam’s Club retail stores.

Interestingly, the company keeps growing each year. Even though, they have to deal with some frequent issues. For example, the employee satisfaction, the unfair hiring, and the payment policies. The fact is, many companies do not hire felons. Of course, it sounds unfair because felons have spent their time to pay what they did. However, there is no law that states an employer cannot discriminate against people, especially with the felony convictions.

Even, some states do not allow a company to ask a question about the criminal history of their employer. Therefore, Walmart removed the question on their application. However, it does not mean that they are not able to run a background check. Of course, they can find more information about their potential applicant. And then, they can reject the individual for the potential employer.

Back to your question, Does Walmart Hire Felons? Yes, they do. However, they do not go with all felons. At this retailer, there are certain felonies that can cause somebody cannot get for the employment. It is important to note that with the felony conviction, you may not get a managerial position. In addition, it is possible if you have to start at the bottom of the employment option. For example, working night stock jobs or hired as an assistant store associate. Therefore, if Walmart hired you, it is important to do as good as you can.

Walmart Background Check

Does Walmart hire felons? In fact, Walmart conducts the criminal background checks for all qualified candidates. They do this at all Walmart stores and Sam’s Club warehouse in the U.S.A. In addition, Walmart evaluates the results of the background checks. They are looking for the discrepancies between your application and the report. The company also reviews the nature of the criminal offenses on the report.

According to the employees at Walmart, the background check can start from two to 16 days.

The goal to conduct the background check is to protect the company, the employees, and the customers. If an employee hurts other employees, the company can be liable. Walmart, of course, had to deal with the negligent hiring issue. The case is the same if they found an employee hurts customers. It was in 2000, several employees at Walmart were sexually assaulting young girls and one was convicted. Therefore, it is the way for Walmart to prevent the lawsuits. In addition, they want to keep everything safe by evaluating the criminal history of their employees on the background check.

Walmart used to add a question in their applications related to the previous criminal convictions. In the name of preventing discrimination, Walmart removed the question from the application form in 2014. However, the qualified candidates still have to do the background check before the hiring process is over.

What Does Walmart Look For In A Background Check

It is true that Walmart cannot do any discrimination. It means they cannot judge people based on religion, race, gender, age, medical information as well as disabilities. They may make any decisions based on the information they discovered in a background check. Also, they do not disqualify a candidate from the employment suddenly because of their convictions. However, the company will evaluate the information and then consider the presence of the potential employees. It also includes the impact on the safety of their customers and associates. For instance, Walmart denied a candidate for a manager position in 2014. The reason Walmart discovered a felony cocaine possession on the background check.

In another case, Walmart has a big concern about the application based on truthfulness. Remember, it is the important element for Walmart employees. Recently, Walmart forced a top executive out of his position. The company did this after found he had lied on the resume, for having a college degree.

One Walmart employee revealed that the company hired him even though he had a felony record. Fortunately, the hiring committee decided to give him a job. It happened after he has notified the company of convictions he had before he was 18.

Does Walmart Hire Felons? Walmart Cannot Hire Sex Offenders And Violent Crimes

Of course, it may take time to climb the corporate ladder in that company. However, when you do everything at best, it makes you more attractive than other employers. For example, showing up on time, work hard and diligently during your shift, honest, and reliable. So, does Walmart hire felons? It depends. They cannot consider felonies as the potential employees if they are sex offenders and violent crimes.

In short, it can be easy to get a job at Walmart and other companies. If you were sex offenders or violent crimes in the past, the story is different.

Some Factors That Can Determine Your Opportunity In Walmart

Asides of does Walmart hire felons, you should know the factors that can determine your opportunity at Walmart, as below:

  • Walmart and other companies’ interest in hiring you depend on the circumstances of the crime you committed.
  • The period of crime in the past will also determine your opportunity to get a job. You can have the opportunity to get a job. For example, if you have committed the crime for 10 years ago. After that, you have been out of the prison for several years. It is the sign that you have managed to stay out of the trouble after your release.
  • Your skills
  • Your experience

Well, it is important to focus on the experience you have learned and developed for many years. For sure, you can increase the opportunity to get a job in these companies. However, you must highlight your experience and give the benefit to Walmart and other companies.