Best Approaches to Get Free Beds for Low-Income Families

There are many ways by which you can apply for free beds and other furniture for low-income families. Apart from government assistance, there are various charities that offer free stuff to unprivileged individuals. All you have to do is fill out the application forms or simply ask for referrals from any social worker.


Out of all the applied forms, only a few people get the opportunity to avail of the assistance for free beds. Some of the factors influencing these rejections depend on the high income or unavailability of charity programs in that area. 


In case your application is not approved, then you may go to the local thrift store and ask for low-cost furniture. The best part is that you will find hundreds of stores across the nation.



Communities offering free beds for low-income families –


St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store (Free)

This is one of the best options to get free beds for low-income families and with other stuff that can help you create a comfortable space to eat and sleep. For eligibility, the applicant must be someone with a crisis or an urgent situation that demands the furniture.


2275 Watt Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825

Phone: (916) 972-1212


Love Inc. (Free)

Love Inc. organization is working with the local congregations to offer free beds for low-income families along with food. People can feel free to get it free by determining the required eligibility.


8251 Valdez Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95828

Helpline: (916) 383-3232

Phone: (916) 383-3999 (for intake)

Operation hour: Monday-Friday 10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.


Furniture For Families (Free)

To be an applicant for this assistance, people must accept the screening process, which is carried out by the Human or Social service agency. You will get a FFF Referral number that you have to give to the caseworker.


P.O. Box 34, Folsom, CA 95673

Phone: (916) 635-2846

Operation hour: Tuesday-Wednesday 9.00 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.


Beds4Kids (Free)

Beds4kids is a privately owned charity, offering free mattress sets to low-income families. The only thing to remember is that the program has a policy of serving “first to come first serve.” Also, the limitation is three mattresses per household.


Phone: 607-687-2709


Samaritan House (Free)

 Samaritan House is a charity located in Binghamton, New York, providing free household furnishings for unprivileged people. You can also avail of their supportive help if you have a valid I.D. and residence proof.


11 Fayette St. Binghamton, New York 13901-4097

Telephone: 607-724-3969

Operation hour: 9 AM-Noon, 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. (Monday – Thursday), Closed to the public Fridays.


Ways to Get Free Furniture From Your Local Area – 


It is a fact that bedding can often be an expensive luxury. But you can also get free beds for low-income families. All you have to do is careful searches and look for the best ways to get beds and mattresses for free. Search for the most accessible sources that can provide you with relevant information. 


Friends, Family, And Social Media

Put your story on social media and ask people whom you know to share it on their feed and walls. People who want to donate their beds can help you, in this case, including your family and friends. Explain your situation and ask for any help, if possible. If not, then simply ask them to help you reach more people. Out of hundreds and thousands of people, it is sure that you will get a single name who will offer you furniture assistance for low-income families.


Hotels And Apartment

Only if you don’t mind, stop at a good hotel or apartment and let your search begin. Ask any official, preferably the manager, for any used mattress that they want to donate or do not use anymore. It is no big deal, even if they do not have any. Also, try to explain your situation, as they may offer you some help or may call you later when they have one that they want to donate.


Flea Market:

Flea market or street market is perhaps a suitable place to get the best furniture vouchers for low-income families. These vouchers are very helpful in getting stuff at a lower price. However, remember that they are already used, and you may not find any brand-new furniture piece. One good point about this is that you can have a check of it all and choose the one that you want to get or buy. There are chances that you get a good quality bed at a minimal price.


Thrift Shops And Furniture Stores:

There are furniture stores that remove all the old mattresses at a meager price. This mostly happens during the time when new stock arrives, mainly before the festival season. So, you can simply stop or arrive at any furniture shop and look for old, designed yet new furniture pieces, such as a bed. If your condition is terrible, then you may ask for free stuff by explaining your situation. And the good thing is that you may get one, in case the owner has a good heart!


Charitable Groups And Food Pantries

Check your local city and county government and find the list of current charity groups. These trusts offer small furniture vouchers for low-income families that include things like beds, mattresses, and other stuff for low-income families. So, first, you have to talk to the spokesperson of the group and explain your problems and needs. After this, they will decide and offer their help. And there is a high potential that these groups may provide you with the necessary assistance.


Furniture Vouchers For Low-Income Families

Everyone wants furniture according to their choice of color, design, and comfort. Most of the time, the furniture that is received does not fit the house, because of the size. That is why many organizations offer furniture vouchers for low-income families. With the use of these vouchers, you can buy furniture from any furniture bank.




Beds are an integral part of every household. However, it sometimes becomes tough for low-income families to buy these necessary things when it comes to the money crisis. Therefore, the government, charities, and organizations have implemented various grants and programs that can help in providing free beds for low-income families. Apart from home furnishings, you can have other primary needs that every family requires. This includes food, health, education, etc.