Robotics Grants Programs

I am sure you already know now that there’s a new trend in our education field: robotics. It is fun and challenging, but sometimes it can be quite costly too. Hence, there are still some students who have a passion for this field yet they are unable to channel that passion due to financial reasons. But since this is the embryo of the future, there are actually many ways for these students to find financial assistance such as robotics grants for schools. Today we are going to give you some opportunities for grants that you may want to consider.


Robotics Grants Opportunities

Government Grants for Robotics

Since robotics technology is the future technology, it is only natural that the government supports the movement. According to, the official government database site, there’s a program called the National Robotics Initiative. As the name suggests, the program aims to increase the use of cooperating robots in the United States. It’s a long-term grant given for small and large robotics projects, with up to five years of funding.

Another opportunity for funding comes from the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) with Focus on Robotics program. This program wants to increase awareness and interest, as well as inspire the students to become leaders in science and technology.


The government grants for robotics we mention above are typically given for communities or organizations which met the eligibility criteria. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find a specific individual robotics government grant.

However, you may have a better chance of finding one if you contact your university or your high school. High schools, universities, and other educational institutions often become the aim of the government program mentioned before. Go and ask your school’s financial aid office for more information.

Organizations and Foundations

Another good place to search for grants for your robotics activities would be from private organizations and foundations, as well as well-known corporations. For example, the AFCEA Education Foundation provides several $1,000 grants for selected K-12 teachers, the IEEE Foundation provides grant opportunities throughout the year, the Virginia and Connecticut –based Dominion’s Educational Grants for robotics program, and from Intel robotics grant for K-12 or higher education program.

There are many corporations that are willing to provide financial assistance for robotics projects, especially the corporations that are related to technology such as Intel, Motorola, Toshiba, Verizon, etc. However, there are also other companies that are not related to technology such as Lowe and Humana that have the same resolution in advancing robotics in the United States through their students.

There are still many other opportunities out there.  You and your team should try every possibility available so that you can have the best resource for your robotics technology. You are also highly encouraged to attend various robotics competitions to widen your horizon and increase your experience! For example, you should try the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST – competition, or you can compete in the VEX Robotics Design System ( Advanced students should try their luck in the Botball Robotics challenge to create an autonomous robot!

Sounds wonderful? Then go ahead and write that robotics grants application now!


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