How to Get Technology Grants For Higher Education

Technology Grants For Higher Education – Nowadays technology can’t be separated from our everyday lives. It’s almost impossible living without help from technology around us. We prepare our breakfast using a microwave, getting fruits and cold drinks from a refrigerator, call our dearest using a phone, getting e-mail on our tablets pc, planning a route to a meeting place using a built-in car GPS and the list goes on. To further develop people understanding on modern technology there are various stakeholders such as the federal government, state government, local or national foundation and community, as well as commercial company as part of their corporate social responsibility offering technology grants for higher education.

To get these technology grants for higher education you can look for them online by searching them through a trusted website database for government grant such as You can also search for technology grants for higher education at a respectable university website with grants database such as Michigan State University website at


To help making your job easier finding technology grants for higher education we have been collecting the information about the grant on several trusted sites as mentioned above into a brief list of grants source, the source also include the link that will direct you to the grants’ more detailed information or the application form.

List of Provider for Technology Grants For Higher Education :

  • Dell Foundation: This foundation has a purpose to provide economic and education equality for all student. It offers a grant with a title Equipping Youth Grants- Literate Communities with total grants amounting to $50,000. For further information about this grant and instruction to apply for it you can visit:
  • Acclinet Technology Grant: Acclinet provide free Sun workstation and server equipment for college students, teacher and nonprofit organization who are deemed qualify to receive this grant. To qualify for this grant interested applicants have to submit a proposal contains their situation details, the kind of equipment they are seeking and a brief explanation on how they intend to use those equipment.  The equipment available for this grant including sun workstation and sun servers such as Sun V240, Sun V210, Sun Blade 1500, Sun V440, Sun Ultra 40, Sun Blade 2000, Sun Ultra 45, as well as Sun Fire servers from E4800 to E15K. For further information about this technology grants for higher education you can visit their website at
  • Gates Foundation: The name Bill Gates needs no introduction, the software magnate is also known for its philanthropic work with Melinda Gates through the Gates foundation. Large amount of money are set aside to make technology and innovation more accessible for common people including through technology grants for higher education. To find more about Grants provided by this foundation you can visit its website at
  • Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility:  As a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Cisco system seeks three initiatives to pursue its philanthropic goals such as partnerships with non-profits, workforce development, and employees’ assistance. Further information can be found at


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